Author: HelenR

The Little one

January 15, 2020 By HelenR

The Little One For centuries; betrayed, destroyed, annihilated. Lifetimes; abandoned, abused, silenced. Eons; burned, humiliated, rejected. Ignored, raped, sucked dry; By the group. This group, that group, church, state, town, […]

Fires: It’s about love

January 5, 2020 By HelenR

The fires had been raging across New South Wales and Victoria for months. This was just after Christmas in 2019, when the smoke haze had reduced visibility, covered everything in […]

A wave of love

January 4, 2020 By HelenR

Just before New Year 2020,  with smoke haze hanging in the street, ash left on the ledge of any open window and an eerie weird vibe in the air, we […]