Integrity is upheld within the collective mind


The spirit of the group

creates organisational culture

Regardless of the reason, when ever a group of people gather for a joint purpose there is a subtle collective spirit that also emerges. Call it the group mind, the collective consciousness or the lexion. 

Harmony – Alignment – Integrity

in groups requires an

Active – Open – Conscious

relationship with the

spirit of the organisation

Bringing it to awareness can occur in four phases;

  1. Mapping using trained practitioners. This reveals the non-physical structure, pathways and psychological flavors of the spirit of the group.
  2. In depth interviews where staff  perceptions reveal the experience of the lexion.
  3. Experiential workshops where participants play out the nature of the group spirit.
  4. Sharing results including the theoretical framework and a language enabling critique and discussion over time.

Every time people gather, for a concert, in a disaster site, in a business or for a community activity there is a subtle energy associated with the group that influences and shapes behavior, attitudes and actions. Described as the lexion, it is more subtle than culture, it is the presence you feel when you interact with the group. It could be calm, joyful, agitated, expectant or dysfunctional.

When group members are  unaware of the phenomenon, it operates in the background according to its own laws and agendas. You see the effects when normal rational individuals begin to do things completely out of character. Organizational dysfunction, inefficiencies and excessive bureaucracy occur when there is no active conscious relationship with the spirit of the organization.

By working with the lexion employees have a language and a structure to openly discuss the impact of actions on the spirit of the group. There is a feeling of awakening and enlivening within the organization and there is a technology to support higher mode decision making.

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