with the spirit of groups.

Organisational integrity is present when activities are aligned with the archetypal intent, and when staff have a conscious relationship with the organisational spirit (lexion).

Whenever a group of people gather a group spirit also emerges, be it a sporting club, the crowd at a rock concert or a multinational corporation. The brilliant CEO is the one who can lift an organisation out of the gutter and set it on a successful trajectory. The challenge is that the CEO operates on a mostly intuitive level.

Through more than 20 years of meditation and a Ph.D Helen Russ has developed a language and a technology to make the intuitive workings of the spirit of organisations overt. It is described as the Lexion.

Lexion in brief


This is a revolutionary approach to organisational improvement. We use some conventional techniques such as in-depth interviews and workshops, but we also use mediation techniques to map the spirit of your organisation and organisational constellations to show it to you.

This work is completely new, it’s revolutionary. It will change the way you relate to organisations forever. It takes courage and heart as it challenges how we look at organisations and our relationship with them. It will reveal things about your organisation that may have been hidden. It will also bring a language and a technology that enables organisational members to actively and collaboratively participate in the process of retaining organisational integrity in an ongoing manner.




An active and conscious relationship between the spirit of the group and the members brings awakening to activities.



When ‘seen’ all life forms have the tendency to return to their true nature. Organisations are no different.


Sourcing consciousness

Sourcing enables people to find the core of a situation or problem and bring awareness to the issue. Once seen the issues tend to resolve themselves.



Naming the components within the non-physical structure allows organisational members to share experiences and critique activities within a context of overall integrity.


Theoretical framework

Resting on the foundations of western thought originally presented by Plato means the structure fits within the boarder intellectual landscape.


Recognising the spirit of the organisation is a being in its own right, with desires, psychological wounding, beliefs and structure, brings a profound awakening.
Recognition that the spirit of the group is a being with its own destiny operating within the laws of intelligible realms removes layers of misunderstanding.
Recognising the nature, cosmological structure and psychological flavour of the spirit of the group gives people the tools to work with it in an ongoing manner.
The process changes the way employees feel when they enter the workplace.
It changes what is possible. 

The Process


In-depth interviews

A series of in-depth interviews with staff and sometimes clients or customers reveals the inner workings of the organisation from a non-political perspective. The intellectual capital, solutions, ideas and awareness of the threats to the organisation are all held within the collective psyche of members. Listening unlocks tremendous power and awakens possibilities.


Mapping the spirit of the group (lexion)

Two or more trained practitioners use meditative practice to align their inner vision with the spirit of the organisation. Over a series of sessions practitioners will map the landscape of consciousness associated with the group. This process reveals the flavour, functionality and character of the non-physical organisation. It reveals the metaphysical scaffolding, the particular energetic moves the organisation makes to get what it wants, its beliefs, psychological wounding and its desires. It also reveals blockages or stagnancy, things that are hidden. If the organisation is the art work, this process is akin to speaking with the artist.


Organisational constellations

Family constellations is a process developed by Bert Hellinger in 1978 that has been adapted for organisations. It is a workshop event, where the art of place, order and relationships are used to reveal the spirit of the organisation to staff as a spatial image. This is an experiential process conducted in a workshop style where staff will experience the spirit of the group as a living entity.


Reflecting the material

The final phase is where staff are introduced to the technology of lexion within the context of your organisation. The results of the mapping, the in-depth interviews and the constellations are shared and explored to ensure that staff members have experienced the spirit of the organsiation in a way that allows for the development of an ongoing relationship.

Finding the inherent goodness in groups