Lexion Training

Humanity’s greatest power

is in groups

12 weeks

Exploring the spirit of groups

 on Zoom

Beginning  Saturday September 18th 2021

Each week @

6pm – 9.30pm Sydney Australian time

8am GMT; 9am London; 10am Berlin

and a paired practice with a participant during the week.

Dates: Sep 18th; 25th; Oct 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, Nov 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th,

Finishing on Dec 4th

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  The material for this training has emerged from Helen Russ’s Ph.D. We will explore the concept of lexion, (a new term) and the forces of consciousness required to land a good idea. Whenever people gather, they gather around an idea and regardless of whether we are aware of it or not, a group spirit also emerges. During this training we will explore the spirit of organisations from the standpoint of the group lexion.


Lex as (Plato’s) archetypal blueprint,

The Lexion (capital L) as all that is aligned with the Lex,

The elexion as all that is imprinted with the qualities of the Lex.


Vision is a powerful tool. In a similar way that ‘being seen’ allows an individual to remember their true nature, when the spirit of an organisation is truly ‘seen’ it naturally re-aligns with the purity of intent behind the original impulse. Organisational integrity is considered to be present when the activities and systems of the group is aligned with the lore, law and dharma within the Lex.

Integrity In Groups

Organisations are in essence the emanation of an idea. Like us, each organisation has an emanation pathway. During the training we will explore the levels of emanation, the psychological make up and the subtle energetic action each organisation uses to ‘get what it wants’.

To recognise the organisational lexion at different levels of emanation requires a familiarity navigating within intelligible realms. For this reason, the training is open to people who are comfortable navigating non-physical realities and or experience mapping consciousness. If you need clarity please get in touch.


A technology of consciousness, 

A theoretical framework, within a cosmological context

Experience mapping the spirit of organisations you are part of.


Each week we will explore a different aspect of the spirit of groups using the organisations you are involved with as the mapping focus.

During the training we will explore how groups form, what is the role of Will, polarity and place in establishing an organisation.

We will be introduced to the structure of the spirit of a group, including the Lex, Lexion and elexion. We will also explore its relationship with the Earth and in the landscape of lexions. This will help us understand the higher and lower mode of your organisation and the role your consciousness plays it helping your organisation retain integrity.

In an experiential way we will map the particular metaphysical dance move your organsiation uses to get what it wants.

We will explore its emotional state, including its emotional wounding, its desires, fears and beliefs.

We will explore the metaphysical scaffolding that connects the lex to the elexion (or not).

We will also explore how your organisation is shaped and ‘made’ by its relationship to place, and the land energies it rests within.

Finally we will map your organisations’ relationships within the landscape of lexions. This helps us see the spirit of your organisation within a context of time


Experiential    |    Practical  



Helen has a Ph.D in the spirit of organisations; and has studied consciousness for more than 20 years within the western esoteric tradition. She will share anecdotes from her training and her personal experiences which includes work with aboriginal and earth based spirituality. Helen will help us learn by doing it with us.

The term lexion emerged after Helen’s Ph.D. This is how she describes it;

Naming something is an incredibly powerful emanation tool. During my Ph.D I was using vision and conventional academic techniques to explore the relationship between memes and organisational culture, I discovered that the term ‘meme’ has no linguistic, theoretical or cosmological foundation. During the Ph.D I searched incessantly for an alternative term. In the months around my graduation, nearly buried in alternatives scrawled on pieces of paper; I had a dream.

There was a gold friend who was stationed at the bottom of a ladder. This friend passed ‘lexion’ to me in a way I could hear. At the top of the ladder was a Gold Being who had kicked it off from the top. When I woke, I’d forgotten the dream, but seeing it written on a piece of paper beside the bed, I remembered. I went to the computer and looked it up. I could not believe what I’d been given. In ancient Greek, Lex means ‘The Word’, in Latin, it means ‘lore, law and dharma’. Within the structure of the Lex, everything is contained in its perfection, and the lexion is all that is associated with that particular Lex’. 

About Helen

NB: This is not a Clairvision course.

It combines principles of sourcing, reflection, holism, experiential learning and awareness.

Rates Australian dollars

Corporate $3500

Individual $850

Mates rates $550

Special circumstances or payment plan – talk to us


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