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It is so calming and relaxing to be on Helen’s meditation calls. She relaxes me and I feel so at peace and I really love the way I feel after Helen’s meditation. Thank you so much.

Barbara K

We are lucky to have storyteller, Helen Russ, in our lives, for the depth of Life that she leads me and others towards. Have courage and read, fall deeply into the world that Helen brings us in, Across the Creek, if you dare. Anything that helps us fall more in Love with our planet and our souls is worthwhile.

Amy Rue

As soon as I held your book, the sensual black cover of Across The Creek immersed me in the numinous experiences that you reveal through your story. At first the black cover and then the Aboriginal Women in conversation, emerge. It’s beautiful, subtle and yet direct. Like the content of the book.

At Booroola, while you were writing on the spirit of organisations you lived the reality of the spirit, the driving forces, the light, within the land itself and listened to the knowing of all those who are present in it.

I love the way you take the reader through an awareness of the multiple layers of reality .
You not only take us across the creek, you take us on a journey through streams of consciousness that lift the veils of space and time. You peal away the layers that distract you from yourself.

You see and map different dimensions and deeper realms of wisdom that are shared with you… And you have found a way in your beautiful artwork to show them to us.
You have such a down to earth way of leading us through the portals to land energies and the wisdom of the knowledge keepers.
We get to see how you ask profound questions and then show us the raw experiences on the way towards understanding.
The things that shaped you, shaped us.
You reveal the impact of a disconnect that underpinned the early settler’s misunderstanding of the land.
At the same time you reveal the far greater light within the land and within the people who KNOW they are part of it (and have been custodians of it for aeons).

The keys you have given to subtle energy mapping will help others listen, to be receptive to what is.
I feel your book is a book of healing.
A way for others to turn towards the inner realms of the Self and so, to know the world.
Perhaps with the help of the Wise Women, maybe heal it.

All the best creative woman for a very profound and joyful book launch

May the WOMEN be with you

Good Morning Earth Us Community,
So much love! Receiving from Helen’s meditation this morning. I am seeing, feeling, knowing the awareness that is knowing human consciousness. Which holds the potential for being human consciousness sublime. Loving, compassionate, grateful, generous, wise and kind. A divine garment clothing, embracing awareness innate. Combine-essence-ing with all forms of consciousness, both organic and inorganic upon this biodiverse living being we call our mother. This blessed Earth! Together weaving our collective consciousness into her own evolving consciousness. She speaks to me through the leaves, the trees, the skies, air and waters, the winged birds, beasts, elementals and nature spirits. I am swinging on a vertical thread, plumb bob hooked to the skies above, the stars, cosmos, galaxies, angels and Gods above.

White light, living cosmic fire! The breath of God! Centres within centres, fiery light descends into my bodies. I become a conduit for the spirit descending, flowing into this world. Sparking awakening. Wake up people! Life force scintillates with sparkling joy. Belly alive with a burning rage. Respect her! Gravity drawing down through Dragon Fires and Molten Lava Seas, chaos remembers the dawn of creation. Naga Kings remember well! All in her belly/heart below. Gravity drawing me in, holding me close to her nurturing breast. I melt, dissolve, become one with her. She! Breathes fire! Save us from ourselves!

Millions of voices whispering in tongues,

“The answer lies within! All of us together!”

Much Love,

Alfred Looman


If you want the real deal, Helen Russ’s new book ‘Across the Creek’ invites you to open your perception to the unseen of the world.

Beautifully implemented and presented, beginners can engage for themselves, to have direct experience and understanding of land energies, consciousness, and yourself. It is also a step towards understanding the mystical consciousness of our indigenous peoples and an invitation to step towards their world view and experience, that we may all find healing and the commonality of our spiritual roots.

Helen’s book is a window and training in applied consciousness. It is a powerful adjunct to meditation. Like a smorgasbord, you take what you want. The feast is a set of tools for life that if you choose to exercise, will change your view of the world forever.

Peter Twigg

Something I feel sadly missing in our modern world is the understanding of subtle realms and our ability to sense energies consciously. You often see people out in nature rushing around and not taking notice of the very reason they need to be there.

The reflective nature of Across The Creek is a powerful way to go inside and contemplate our inner and outer environment so we can get back to what we all possess – the ability to feel and see, the ability to sense things beyond our over-active minds.

The stresses we encounter in the 21st century are overreaching in many ways. In a world moving so fast, we need to understand what we are losing in terms of human experience and take it back before we have no hope of regaining it.

Thank you Helen for your creative expression. Refreshing.

Julie Braden

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