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  I have always been a bit reluctant to the spiritual teaching – the only thing you could change is you and your point of view. Changing me and my point of view brought me a lot of insights with beneficial consequences, and there are still many more to be found. The longing to do something more remained. Dr. Helen Russ’ Lexion training is just what I have been looking for all along. She brought down the knowledge which helps me understand why good people with the best intensions are not enough for organisations to be good as well. She unfolds techniques on how to make real changes in organisations or other groups, and consequently change the world. It is so exciting that there is more to come. I’m deeply grateful for the synchronicities in my life that brought me in touch with her to be part of that process.

Erika Belehar

Once an organisation’s Lexion is recognised and aligned with the Lex, there is a resulting flow and rightness at the elexion and physical levels. Dr. Helen Russ has brought an essential slice of knowledge to working with and for organisations; knowledge that, when applied, results in a smooth and timely completion of projects.


Geraldine Mc Gloin


4 thoughts on “Testimonials: Lexion – Spirit of Groups

  1. Helen took the time to explain and illustrate the concepts, i really appreciated it as I dont have a lot experience in meditation. It enriched my spiritual learning not only on working/ tuning in with organizations but in my every day search. It stretched my spiritual life and it was a lot of work at times, but then she would remind us to feel it and not to structure it. I loved it and I love you Helen, thank you for your time and your passion for teaching.

  2. I’ve often struggled to find language to define meditative experiences and practices, and I appreciate the theoretical framework provided by Dr. Helen Russ in her Lexion class, and the way my understanding of what she teaches deepened after experiencing the practices. I gained a new understanding around the power of the human heart and conscious will in maintaining the integrity of an organization, and a new awareness of the levels of consciousness at play within the development and maintenance of an organization, as well creative projects. I’m looking forward to seeing how the knowledge and experienced gained in this class will play out in my work and life.

  3. What Helen brings is fascinating. In 8 sessions we were able to tune into many companies and groups such as a restaurant, hospital, non profit organizations and a crypto currency company. Each had distinctly different flavors. We were able to feel their greater purpose and where they have been falling from this purpose. With more sessions on an organization, it is easy to see how with Helen’s technique an organization can be re-aligned. Personally I found myself shifting in this course as my sight expanded and my own self growth grew exponentially with Helen’s approach of awareness, meditation and awakening.

  4. I’m very grateful for taking Helen’s Lexion training. Since taking it I feel more awakened and empowered. Learning about the Lexion, different organizations, and levels of consciousness has opened my awareness to another reality that is so much more profound. I have a new level of understanding of organizations which is greatly beneficial to my life and future goals. This course has given me so many tools, knowledge and clarity that I will continue to use and explore.

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