Holding Earth and Us

During each cardinal point (equinoxes and solstices) we will hold love and gratitude for the Earth Family, every day from New Moon to New Moon.



Holding Earth and Us


4 moon cycles, 4 Cardinal points 4 times this Year

This practice is for the Earth and Us. It is to hold love and gratitude for the Earth and for the human family. We will use vision, aspiration, and our vertical axis to bring light to the world. We will use the lexion technology to help us hold integrity. To help us to see. 

New Moon to New Moon, we will be meditating every day for a hour on ZOOM at the four cardinal points.

Equinox March 3rd- April 1st 2022

Solstice May 3th -June 29th 2022

Equinox Aug 27th – Sept 26th 2022

Solstice Nov 24th – Dec 23rd 2022

NB: Times may vary as daylight savings comes and goes. We will adjust

Sydney Australia 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Once registered you will be sent a zoom link.

We will also use Telegram to share things between sessions.

These meditations are for people with experience mapping consciousness. There will be no training, or explaining. We will be holding the most we can be, and watching as the world transforms with us.

If you are wondering, please get in touch.

Helen will be the master of ceremonies. The impulse came from a desire to do something to help the Earth and each other.

There is no charge.

Donations appreciated



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