Country Halls Connection Tour Workshop series

Connecting Within 

Foundational workshop to connect with ourselves. Experience your inner life using the third eye, focused awareness, breathing techniques and learning to recognise presence.

 Connecting with Place

Connection to the Earth, to trees, streams and landforms. Earth meridians, sacred weaves, energy wells & imprints from past inhabitants.

Connecting with Others

Exploring our connection to others. Experience the presence of someones heart, their belly, their creativity.

Connecting with Groups

This workshop combines a theoretical framework with practical  exercises to explore the spirit of groups. It gives you the ability to help your groups retain integrity. 

Book – July 11th Marthaguy

Book – July 18th Wagga

Country Halls Connection Tour

Connecting Within is the foundational workshop where you will gain the necessary skills to be able to connect with the presence of life in all its forms.

This journey begins with the Self. It begins by recognising our own inner life.

You will be introduced to simple repeatable techniques that allow you to consciously connect with your own presence.

Any inner journey begins with the third eye. It is about using breath and focused awareness to access the feeling states that are beyond the ordinary mind.

Practical | Experiential | Theoretical

These are the foundational tools to support your practice.

In the afternoon we will venture outside to explore behind the facade of natural forms. We will look for the spirit of a tree, for energy wells, sacred weaves, earth meridians, and imprints from past inhabitants. We will explore the spirit of the place where we are.

All workshops will combine, practical techniques, with a theoretical framework to help us consciously explore subtle presences. There is a mountain of theory but the most important thing is experience.

Helen has studied consciousness for more than 20 years. She will share anecdotes from her training and her personal experiences, she will design something specifically for your group, and she will help us learn by doing it herself.

There are a variety of techniques but all focus around where you place your awareness, the breath, the body and our relationship with other life forms. This vehicle we have is the most incredible instrument known to man. It combines physical, mental/emotional and spiritual components. This work is about consciously working with each.

It combines principles of sourcing, reflection, holism, experiential learning and awareness.

Helen’s often says, its the most fun you can have.

Workshops are generally held in small country halls where there is quiet and space to allow us to connect with ourselves and the land we are part of.

Helen recommends that you begin with the 1 Day Connection Within Workshop and then arrange with Helen if you’d like to continue. 

Workshops are designed around your needs. However, each workshop uses meditation techniques to explore connecting with life inside a workshop space and outside in nature. Some workshops will combine artistic pursuits to deepen the experience.

Liaise with Helen to create something appropriate for your group.  

If you’d like one to be held near you, get in touch.


Book – July 11 Marthaguy

Book – July 18th Wagga