“Like water flowing over land, it touches some places, but some places remain high and dry”

Earth Wisdom

awakening inner wisdom

Inside us is ancient wisdom, unlimited joy and knowing that we are connected with all life.

How do we connect with it,

How do we awaken to it?

How to connect with ourselves?

A weekly gathering to meditate and to share, poetry, stories, spiritual truths and inner knowings.

7pm – 9pm


Beginning September 16th

For 8 weeks

on Zoom

Earth Wisdom is a place where we gather to support life and each other. By acknowledging our inner life, by awakening to our ancient wisdom we can transcend limitations and together we bring healing to the Earth and to each other. 

Helen Russ PhD has been a serious meditator for more than twenty years. She has explored material within the western esoteric tradition, as well as aboriginal and earth based spirituality.

About Helen

Helen has a wealth of experience, lots of theoretical insights and funny stories that she will share.

Each week we will practice meditating together using the third eye, breathing techniques and focused awareness. We will become aware of our ‘place’ and our relationship with all life. We will explore meditation and spirituality related topics, some philosophical some practical. We will focus on uncovering the inherent wisdom in each of us.

Cost $120


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