Meditation  Connecting within

Connecting within 

A foundational meditation workshop to establish a successful mediation practice.  Experience your inner life using the third eye, focused awareness, breathing techniques and learning to recognise presence.


Connecting within

Connecting within is a foundational workshop where you will gain the skills necessary to develop a deep and profound meditation practice.

Life’s magic, joy and authenticity are found when we turn inside. Meditation is the first and the last frontier. It allows us to connect with our true nature. By using our own consciousness we transform our inner equilibrium, our perceptions and our life.

This workshop will give you simple repeatable techniques that will help you still your mind, consciously connect with realities beyond the five senses and recognise your own presence. 

Techniques include: Third eye awareness, breathing techniques, correct posture, creating a meditation space, tuning into the presence of another. With practice you will experience states of being, inner light, inner sound, deeper realities, and a calmness and clarity that will surprise you.

Practical | Experiential | Theoretical

Foundational tools to support your practice.

Techniques focus around where you place your awareness, the breath, the body and our relationship with ourselves and with others. This vehicle we have is the most incredible instrument known to man. It combines physical, mental/emotional and spiritual components. It’s about consciously working with each.

There is a mountain of theory but the most important thing is experience.

Helen has studied consciousness for more than 20 years. She will share anecdotes from her training and her personal experiences, she will adapt depending on the interests of participants, and she will help us learn by doing it herself.

The work rests on principles of sourcing, reflection, holism, experiential learning and awareness.

Helen’s often says, its the most fun you can have.

If you’d like one to be held near you, connect with us.

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