Awakening Below


Awakening Below



Dates TBA

Part of Tuesday’s I am the Flame

1 hour


$44 (Aus)

A stand alone workshop for those who have a regular practice but need to awaken below.



Being actively and consciously combinessant with the intrinsic power of the Earth is the next step in the evolution of consciousness. To move forward as a people we need to remember our one-ness with the Earth. The Earth and the Human family are one body. Intuitively we all know this. For a few thousand years we have been ignoring everything but our mental and physical bodies. It is time to reconnect to our multidimensional nature.

When our energy is combinessant with the essence of the Earth, there is a rightness to everything. We are connected to truth and we have an experiential awareness of the Earth and Us as the ‘One’ life.

This stand alone workshop will open a space for you to remember.

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