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This is a foundational workshop to help us connect with ourselves, and with the life that is all around us. Experience your inner life, using third eye, focused awareness, breathing techniques and then use these skills to connect more deeply with the spirit of trees, earth meridians, energy wells and imprints from past inhabitants.

2 Days Sat/Sun March 26th/27th


1 Day Sat March 26th – only

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Country Halls Tour

The Country Halls Tour is a series of meditation based workshops conducted in a country hall near you. They are focused around developing our inner life and then going outside and connecting with the life that is all around us.

At Marthaguy we will do a two day workshop. You are welcome to come on Saturday only, or both Saturday and Sunday

The workshop offers simple repeatable techniques to help us connect more deeply with ourselves and the land around us.

You will be introduced to simple repeatable techniques that allow you to consciously connect with your own presence. It is about using breath and focused awareness to access the feeling states that are beyond the ordinary mind

During the second half of the workshop we will venture outside to explore behind the facade of natural forms. We will look for the spirit of a tree, for energy wells, sacred weaves, earth meridians, and imprints from past inhabitants. We will explore the spirit of the place where we are.

1 Day will introduce you to the techniques.

2 Days will deepen your experience, we will also have time to teach you to dowse, compare energy centers and to explore the waking/sleeping states.

Location: Marthaguy Hall, Quambone Road, Warren NSW 2824

Date: Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of March 2022

If you’re wondering, book for Saturday only and you can extend to Sunday on Saturday afternoon.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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