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To be able to navigate the landscape of our own mind gives us incredible power. In groups, the corporate wizard is the one who can pull an organization out of the gutter by his or her sheer genius.

This genius is ‘in the mind’.

We will be introduced to our inner landscape. We will be introduced to the vertical axis, to nodes and platforms that are tools for navigation. We will be taught to aspire, how to hold ourselves within the landscape of consciousness and the beginnings of how to map consciousness.

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This workshop will introduce us to to a different level of consciousness.

We will be introduced to meditation techniques to still and focus the mind, to a theoretical cosmology that leads to an experiential exploration of our subtle landscape including our vertical axis, nodes, platforms and pathways and ways to position our consciousness. Practical tools such as comparing qualities, centered and peripheral awareness, sweeping nodes, and breathing techniques will be used to deepen our experience.

The material for this training that Helen brings has emerged from more than twenty years meditation training and a doctorate in the spirit of groups.

Julian brings a unique perspective and more than 40 years working with organisations to lift them out of chaotic situations and bring them into alignment.

Together we will explore the concept of lexion, (a new term) and the forces of consciousness required to land a good idea. Whenever people gather, they gather around an idea and regardless of whether we are aware of it or not, a group spirit also emerges. During this training Helen and Julian will map the spirit of organisations we are involved with from the standpoint of the group lexion.

Lex as (Plato’s) archetypal blueprint,

The Lexion (capital L) as all that is aligned with the Lex,

The elexion as all that is imprinted with the qualities of the Lex.

About Lexion – academic article


Vision is a powerful tool. In a similar way that ‘being seen’ allows an individual to remember their true nature, when the spirit of an organisation is truly ‘seen’ it naturally re-aligns with the purity of intent behind the original impulse. Organisational integrity is considered to be present when the activities and systems of the group is aligned with the lore, law and dharma within the Lex.

This workshop is an introduction to a whole new way of working with consciousness, and for working with the organisations you are part of.

Beginning February 15th

7pm-9pm Sydney Australia time

9am-11am Berlin time

8am-10am London time

6 Sessions

Tuesdays and Thursdays

over 3 consecutive weeks


Week 1 – Feb Tues 15th, Thurs 17th,

Week 2 – Feb Tues 22nd, Thurs 24th,

Week 3 – Mar Tues 1st, Thurs 3rd

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