Earth & Us – 1 Day


Earth & Us

1 Day Workshop

Exploring the Spirit of Place

Millthorpe NSW 

 Sunday Nov 6th

10am- 5pm

$ 155

This is a fun day exploring the spirit of place. With a few tips we will be communicating with trees, with water, with the spirit of a hill or a garden.



This workshop is practical, experiential and theoretical.

We will be introduced to the subtle energies of place in such a way that you will be able to return to your home and explore the surrounding landscape.

It is an introductory workshop, but the kind of things we can discover are:

Earth meridians | Energy wells | The spirit of Trees | Energy Networks | Sacred weaves | Historic trauma | Thresholds | Land Beings

This workshop will combine, practical techniques in the field, with a theoretical framework to help us understand how to hold our energy and what we are experiencing.

Some of the techniques include:

Recognising presence | Internalising Consciousness | Breathing with the Earth | Space Scanning | Earth listening | Sense with your body |

If you’ve wondered what it feels like to be a tree; if you’ve wanted to be able to communicate with other life forms; if you’ve wondered how other life forms see us; if you’ve wondered if you can have an impact on the spirit of water with your consciousness; this is the workshop for you.

Please listen to the Free Book Launch Recording of Helen’s book, Across the Creek land energy experience in the home paddock. This will give you a sense of whats possible.

Across the Creek – Free talk

Looking forward to sharing this time.


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