Lexion – the essence of the We Are.


Current organizational culture theories have not adequately described the We Are. What is experienced when we recognize that, Google feels different to Yahoo? Metaphysical mapping and in-depth interviews revealed the organizational spirit through case studies, in Australia, United States and Ireland. This paper describes the ‘We Are’ as the lexion including: a) Lex – equivalent to Plato’s Archetype, b) Lexion – all that is aligned with the Lex, and c) Elexion – all that is imprinted with qualities of the Lex. The flavor of consciousness, metaphysical scaffolding, modus operandi, beliefs, fears, and desires for each are also discussed.  This empirical research presents a model for the ‘We Are’. Arguably, corporate, military and spiritual leaders have worked with organizational spirit intuitively for millennia. This research introduces a language, theoretical framework and a structure that places lexion within a cosmological context. What has been hidden, is made overt, allowing for open discourse and critique.


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