Lexion Training


Lexion Training – 12 weeks

Exploring the spirit of groups and the emanation pathway for ideas.

Starting September 18th 2021 – 6pm – 9.30pm Saturdays Sydney Australian time and 8am GMT; 9am London; 10am Berlin. Same time every Saturday. Finishing on Saturday Dec 4th. Plus paired practices with other participants at your own time.

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This training explores the forces of consciousness required to land a good idea. Whenever people gather, they gather around an idea, and, regardless of the reason, a group spirit is also present. What is this phenomena, that captures the minds of many and directs their thoughts and actions? During this training we will explore the spirit of organisations from the standpoint of the group lexion, a term that is very old, but new to modern English.

Lex as (Plato’s) archetypal blueprint,

The Lexion (capital L) as all that is aligned with the Lex,

The elexion as all that is imprinted with the qualities of the Lex.

Vision is a powerful tool. In a similar way that ‘being seen’ allows an individual to remember their true nature, when the spirit of an organisation is truly ‘seen’ it naturally re-aligns with the purity of intent behind the original impulse. Organisational integrity is considered to be present when the activities and systems of the group is aligned with the lore, law and dharma within the Lex.


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