Earth & Us – Mapping Lexion


Earth & Us – Mapping Lexion training

8 weeks / 3.5 hours a week

Becoming familiar with the spirit of groups and the emanation pathway for ideas.

Starting February 25th/26th

This training assumes you are experienced in mapping consciousness. We will focus on the pathways and positioning required to land a good idea. We will work with the structure and presence of lexion to bring alignment in the groups we are part of. Lexion is a connection, it brings structure, opening and alignment to the spirit of our ourganisations.

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Vision is a powerful tool. In a similar way that ‘being seen’ allows an individual to remember their true nature, when the spirit of an organisation is truly ‘seen’ it naturally re-aligns with the purity of intent behind the original impulse. Organisational integrity is considered to be present when the activities and systems of the group is aligned with the lore, law and dharma within the Lex.

Lex as (Plato’s) archetypal blueprint,

The Lexion (capital L) as all that is aligned with the Lex,

The elexion as all that is imprinted with the qualities of the Lex.

We will explore the structure, nature and behaviour of the lexion’s that you are involved with. Your work, your town, your community groups.


New York 4.30pm-8pm Fri 25th Feb

San Francisco 1.30pm-5pm Fri 25th Feb

London 9.30pm-1am Fri 25th Feb

Sydney Australia 8.30am-12noon Sat 26th Feb

Once a week for 8 weeks (with a break March 25th/26th)

Finishing April 22nd/23rd

Looking forward to seeing you there.

If you are wondering if this is for you, get in touch

Best wishes


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