Metaphysical mapping: A methodology to map the consciousness of organizations




The management of organizational culture, while extensively studied, remains one of the most challenging components of work in business, community, and corporate life (Bodley, 1994; Geertz, 1973; Hofstede, 1983; Kroeber and Kluckhohn, 1963; Schein, 1984). The complexity of the subject is often approached by gaining multiple perspectives through a mixed-method framework (Hayes et al., 2016; Turner et al., 2015). Cameron and Ettington (1988) suggest the main investigative tools are studies using participate observation, metaphorical language, and quantitative research or surveys (p.16), each of which is grounded in a standpoint that is conceptual, analytical, or descriptive. There are no current methods that explore organizational culture from an experiential or Noetic standpoint, that allow researchers to enter the field of consciousness associated with the organization, that systematically map the component of organizations that is beyond the level of opinion, and that places what we describe as culture within a cosmological context. This research presents a method to address this.


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