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Exploring Existence

 Podcast Feb 10th 2020

A discussion between Jack Fernon and Helen Russ, exploring teachings from the Western Esoteric Tradition, the spirit of organizations and the spirit of place. Helen shares stories from her childhood, her spiritual journey and how she came to focus on the spirit of things.



Experiences of Grace

Experiences of Grace offers a delightful and deeply moving insight into spiritual worlds. Helen is a long term meditator and spiritual seeker. Through her artworks and poetry she reveals the intimacy, challenges and excitement of a modern day spiritual journey.

Contains poetry, stories and hand drawn illustrations, in Helen’s simple and endearing style.

$20 For larger orders contact Helen directly.


Across the Creek. Land energy experiences in the home paddock

‘Across the Creek: Land energy experiences in the home paddock’ is an experiential exploration of the spirit of a place. It shares records of meditation based experiences that occurred at Booroola, the property where Helen grew up in central New South Wales, Australia.

Each experience is accompanied by a faded photograph of the actual location with water color paintings of the subtle energetic structures. It includes tips and techniques for exploring land energies.

$ 60 Sold out, next print run available mid March

Lexion explained

Groups: The combined power of human beings


Using Platos’ theory of forms and the allegory of the cave, this clip explains the Lex, as the perfect Form or archetype, lexion as the heart or core of an organization and the elexion as the flavor of consciousness we recognize when we interact with groups of people.

Academic article

Metaphysical mapping

A methodology to map the consciousness of organizations

Intuitively, groups of people, be it a business, sporting club, or international corporation are recognized by a particular flavor of consciousness. Broadly described as organizational culture, this article presents a methodology to systematically enter and explore organizational consciousness described by Helen Russ as the organizational lexion.

Academic article

Lexion: That Which Upholds or Bears an Archetype. “Introducing Lex and Lexion to Modern English”

Derived from the Etruscan and Greek alphabets, Latin is a classical language that has influenced modern languages such as English, French, Italian and Spanish. With its Latin and Greek roots, this paper argues that the word lexion is an appropriate and necessary addition to the English language. Lex in Latin means, law, syllabus, statute and dharma. Lex in Ancient Greek means “the Word” or logos.

Doctoral  Thesis

Memes and organizational culture : what is the relationship?

Organizational culture and memes have generally been studied as independent phenomenon. This thesis examines the relationship between memes and culture within the context of organizations. By actively exploring the metaphysical landscape of organizations alongside traditional organizational cultural and memetic analysis, this research brings new perspectives.

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