Earth Connection Workshop

2.5 days exploring the Spirit of Booroola

This workshop is a little different.

It is a camping workshop, where you bring everything you need yourself, including food, tent, camping gear water etc.

We will be camping out across the creek at Booroola. We will explore the sites that Helen talks about in Across the Creek.

Helen will introduce you to the Women, to the portal, to the earth meridian through the haystack and multiple other sites not talked about in the book.

You will be introduced to the subtle energies in such a way that you will be able to return to your home and explore the surrounding landscape.

Practical | Experiential | Theoretical

There are all kinds of things to discover

This workshop will be fun, but you will need a degree of tenacity. It may be hot, flies will likely be bad, and mosquitoes could be unpleasant.

You will gain experience in –

Recognising presence 


Internalising Consciousness

Breathing with the Earth 

Space Scanning 

Earth listening 

Sensing with your body

Most importantly, it will introduce you to the Women and to the spirit of Booroola. It will change the way you relate to land forever.