The One Life

This year, with drought, heat and a fire season that seems to have increased in intensity and length, it feels like something has shifted. At a deep level there is recognition, awareness and a sense of expectancy. Perhaps we are to face the results of our collective action. Perhaps we are seeing a taste of whats to come unless we shift, unless we fundamentally transform. Regardless, there is a recognition that things are changing and we are wondering how much.

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A wave of love

Just before New Year 2020,  with smoke haze hanging in the street, ash left on the ledge of any open window and an eerie weird vibe in the air, we sat down to do a meditation practice. A moment after closing my eyes a huge wind blew up outside the window and I felt the winds tell us that the rains were coming. It wasn’t that I could smell the rains but that knowledge of the rains was coming with the winds.

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