This material has the potential to turn your perception of reality on its head. Humanity is at a critical juncture, things are being revealed that have never been revealed to the uninitiated. Its time to take responsibility for the things we create, its time to take back our birth right.

Navigating the Overmind

If we want to throw light on corruption in politics, multi-dimensionality and swarm behaviour

the question to ask………

is NOT

‘Who is to blame?’,

but collectively

‘what are we plugged into, what forces are benefiting?’


what is the role of the human heart in the evolution of consciousness?

We experience corruption in our mass behaviours because while we are a multi-dimensional species we collectively ignore everything beyond what we experience with the five senses. In society we focus on material reality which leaves the collective forces of consciousness, the Overmind to operate in the background, largely without our input.

This material has emerged from practice and study in consciousness. For thousands of years as individuals masters have taught us how to retain alignment with the I Am. We are at a critical junction in the evolution of consciousness. For our political conundrum perhaps its time to understand how to retain integrity within the We Are.

The Overmind is a tool to navigate the madness. What does it mean to be multi-dimensional. What are the big cycles of time from an Australian Aboriginal perspective and how this correlates to the Hindu tradition. How does place affects us and why does our place on Earth matter. Why is it important to awaken to our multi-dimensionality, to our interconnecting role, and most important of all, what is the role of the human heart in this great adventure.

Navigating in the Overmind requires considerable training, it means having some ability to navigate the Nine dimensions of consciousness. It requires that we question our conceptual frameworks and do enough meditative practice to give us a sense of what possible.

Helen can teach you how to map the lexion of organisations that you are involved with and how the spirit of your group relates to the Overmind of your city or nation. Have you ever wondered what the spirit of your work place would say to you if it could speak. Helen can teach you to see through the eyes of your organisation, to feel what it feels, what it wants, what it believes and what it is are afraid of. Through Helen’s work you will gain a sense of what your organisation feels like and how to engage with it in an uplifted and ongoing manner.

To some who have a meditative background, some of what we will be discussing will be familiar. To others it will require some adjustment of our mental standpoint.

Practical | Experiential | Theoretical

Areas explored –

  • Cosmology, the relationship between material and physical reality
  • Nine dimensions of consciousness and why is the 4th dimension so critical at the moment.
  • What is the Overmind and why does it matter
  • What is a lexion and why does it matter.
  • The last few thousand years- people are basically good, why are the systems we are making destroying the Earth and ourselves.
  • The evolution of consciousness, where are we at and why.
  • What can we discover if we become multidimensional.

This is a bit dense, but it explores, the Overmind, corruption in politics, multidimensionality and the role of the human heart.

40.45 mins.

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