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Helping groups and organisations. Remember our ‘place’ with Earth, our relationship with ‘life’ and our inherent goodness.

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Humanities greatest power is in groups. How do we ensure they are always a force for good …. More

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A 1 hour free consultation. Helen will ask you about the place where you are, what your organisation believes, what it wants, what is it afraid of. Be ready with thoughts about where you'd like the organisation to head, your place within it and what integrity looks like in your context. It will open us to whats possible. ... About Helen
Guest Speaker

If your looking for someone to inspire your people, Helen is happy to speak about our relationship to place, about integrity in groups, about the role of consciousness. Get in touch to discuss your audience and what would suit.....Talks

Mainly for the executive, or those interested in organisational integrity and alignment. In a series of one on one sessions we map the energetic landscape of your organisation, its relationship to place and its stability with competitors....Mentoring

A powerful option is for Helen to work within your organisation for a month or two. In this option Helen will work with you to design whats appropriate to bring awakening, alignment and harmony to the group psyche. ....Podcast - Getting to Better Together

You will gain a picture of the health and stability of the spirit of your organisation through a multi layered consultancy process. With a bag full of techniques and a new framework staff develop an active and conscious relationship with the spirit of, your organisation and your place, for the long term....Consultations

Depending on your interest individuals and/or employees are trained to work actively and consciously with the spirit of your organisation and the spirit of place. They gain the tools to help the organisation retain alignment in the longer term....Trainings
Connecting to place

Individuals and organisations exist in a particular place. Our success depends on our relationship with the subtle energies of that place. Helen leads all kinds of land energy activities. A way to start is her book exploring the spirit of place at her nome place....Across the Creek

Background material, academic articles, video links and random writings .......Info'


I gained a new understanding around the power of the human heart and conscious will in maintaining the integrity of an organization, and a new awareness of the levels of consciousness at play within the development and maintenance of an organization, as well creative projects.

Allison Wendt Canada
29 April 2022
Organisations, Training
Dr. Helen Russ’ Lexion training is just what I have been looking for all along. She brought down the knowledge which helps me understand why good people with the best intensions are not enough for organisations to be good as well.

Erika Belehar Slovinia
7 April 2022
Organisations, Training
Helen took the time to explain and illustrate the concepts, i really appreciated it as I dont have a lot experience in meditation. It enriched my spiritual learning not only on working/ tuning in with organizations but in my every day search.

Ligia Nosealy Pettit USA
5 May 2022
Meditation, Organisations, Training
What of this world now though? How will we ever even begin to heal? Now that it has come to this, beloved children of the Earth? Will she have the power to influence us, through her will the source move us, to save us from ourselves? Or is that our destinies are now entirely in our own hands …..

Alfred Looman
18 June 2021
Earth & Us, Meditation
Learning about the Lexion, different organizations, and levels of consciousness has opened my awareness to another reality that is so much more profound

Yvette Benson
28 April 2022
Organisations, Training
Her artwork depicts her actual experiences on the faded out photographic representation of the physical realm. The …. reader is brought on an intimate journey into the depths of the Australian land and given a glimpse of Aboriginal spirituality and relationship to the land.

Geraldine McGloin
9 October 2020
Across the Creek, Earth & Us, Meditation

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