the Earth & Us

Presence to Presence

Being in touch with the Earth, we are in touch with the source of life, healing and love. We have forgotten. We are part of the Earth. We are one living presence.

The life in me is the same life that flows through a tree, it is the same life that is in you. Real change will come when we realign with this knowledge at the core of our being.

 Connection is the source of joy, fulfillment, love of life itself. 

First it’s about recognising your own presence, then comes the spirit of trees, of natural forms, the spirit of place and the spirit of organisations.

We are connected to everything all the time.

Life emerges in the connection between two life forms. In the connection between you and a tree, between you and your friend, between you and the ‘other’.

Presence to presence.

The Earth is the greatest healer of all.

If you have mental health issues, if your groups or organisations are dysfunctional, if your struggling with direction there is a fair chance that you are disconnected from the source of yourself and from the Earth.

Lexion Training

Landing a good idea. Exploring the spirit of organisations.

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Earth Wisdom

A weekly Zoom to meditate and share

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Country Halls Tour

1 day in a quiet country hall near you.

Getting Started

Whats possible? In Across the Creek, Helen shares her experiences connecting with the spirit of place at her home property.





For Individuals

A harmonious life is possible when we are in communion or connecting with our inner presence or essence.

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For Groups

A harmonious organisation is one where its members are consciously connected to the presence or spirit of the group.


 For Place

We are a positive force when we are aware of our connection with the spirit of place, of trees & landforms.

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Why bother?

Fires, floods, hail, dust, drought and pandemics. The Earth is getting our attention. We are concerned about the effects of fossil fuels, pollution, industrial agriculture, air travel and consumption. We blame. We look for solutions but there are too many fronts that need attention, too many people to change.

 To shift requires a radical change of standpoint. Challenges are multidimensional, multifaceted and complex.

The challenges we face now will not be solved at the level of the problem.

When we source consciousness, we experience our connection to different levels of life. Levels where unity, truth and love are the fabric of things. Through sourcing consciousness we can experience ‘The One’  immutable truth from where all Life emerges.

Our true nature is to be aware of our connection with all life.

This is where the solutions lie.

Groups have a Presence

Every Place has a Presence

You and I have a Presence

A technology of consciousness, experiential learning, sourcing and reflection are some of the tools.

Workshops, online courses, books, consultancies and private sessions are some of the pathways.