Groups: The combined power of human beings

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Collectively we have an understanding of concepts such as the ‘I Am’, the soul, or the Self. Meditation, prayer, mantras, rituals and ceremony are inner soulful experiences individuals use to commune with spirit or to refine or uplift their consciousness. Ironically, the world is run by collections of people acting within a framework aimed at […]

The Little One

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The Little One For centuries; betrayed, destroyed, annihilated. Lifetimes; abandoned, abused, silenced. Eons; burned, humiliated, rejected. Ignored, raped, sucked dry; By the group. This group, that group, church, state, town, cooperative, club and committee, organization, corporation. It’s the gatherings that do the damage. The lynch mobs. The mad crowds. The witch hunts. The bureaucracies Group […]

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