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Lets send love and gratitude to the Earth.

A month of pre-recorded meditations for connecting with the life and the Earth. 10-20 minutes a day.

Join with friends or do it solo. 10-20 minutes daily for a month. Connecting with the presence of trees, streams, mountains. A month sending love and gratitude to the Earth.

Recorded and freely available anytime on youtube

Day 1 of the 30 daily meditations.

All videos can be found here.

Earth & Us Month was live in June 2021, but you are welcome to start your own group at any time. If you’d like Helen to lead another group get in touch.

Earth & Us Month is about connecting presence to presence with other life forms. Its about recognising that the life flowing through you is the same life that flows through a tree or a lake.

And its about sending love and gratitude to the earth, to trees, rivers, lakes, mountains, fields and the sky.

If you’ve never done any meditation I recommend that you follow a short video below. It gives a few basic techniques to help you go inside. Like anything, practice helps to deepen our experience.

Introductory Meditation

Each day be in nature, tuning into another life form. The recordings share teachings and techniques to help you experience things in a deeper way.

Feel free to do it in a way that works for you. If you feel inspired, create your own circle and lead another month.

All videos can be found here.

If you’d like more after the month, I recommend that you begin with the

1 Day Connection Within Workshop.

ZOOM Workshop

1 Day Workshop



  1. I don’t do Zoom, but with you anyway … giving daily love and expressing daily gratitude to our beloved Earth and all her life forms. It is not enough to say, I love Earth, isn’t she beautiful? We must love her and all her manifestations as we love our children, our mothers, our lovers, ourselves.

  2. Good morning Earth & Us Community,
    Sitting here to write my heart glows, skin tingles with dancing raptures and my belly is so full. A warm glow connecting me to life, to this living Earth. To all of us! So little to say each day, when every day since day one the deepest inner stillness overtakes me. Rests so profoundly still upon gravities downward polarity. Upon the ground of being. High above pure awareness so bright and clear expanding boundlessly into the cosmos. Sacred vibrations, sounds and lights. I can almost hear angels singing in a chorus of celebration that we are remembering together. Weeping together too for what has become of us. For what is happening to us and all life on Earth. Perhaps in fields of Peace and worlds to come there will be deliverance. What of this world now though? How will we ever even begin to heal? Now that it has come to this, beloved children of the Earth? Will she have the power to influence us, through her will the source move us, to save us from ourselves? Or is that our destinies are now entirely in our own hands …..

  3. Day 5
    This is the first ‘live’ I caught, connecting to the core of the Earth, my body remembering “I am this”, a sense of wonder “How could I forget?” and relief “I feel home”. The simple third eye technique reminding me that “I am”. It is Inspiring to meditate, albeit briefly, with a group online, I wasn’t sure if it would work in any meaningful way. It did. Helen’s approach is inviting, she is cognizant of other traditions and respected that each person may have their own way of going inside, while at the same time gently bringing us to a state of consciousness beyond the mind.

    Geraldine, Ireland.

  4. It is so calming and relaxing to be on Helen’s meditation calls. She relaxes me and I feel so at peace and I really love the way I feel after Helen’s meditation. Thank you so much. Barbara K.

    1. Wonderful Barbara, its great to connect with you, even though we are on the opposite sides of the world. 🙂

  5. Good Morning Earth Us Community,
    So much love! Receiving from Helen’s meditation this morning. I am seeing, feeling, knowing the awareness that is knowing human consciousness. Which holds the potential for being human consciousness sublime. Loving, compassionate, grateful, generous, wise and kind. A divine garment clothing, embracing awareness innate. Combine-essence-ing with all forms of consciousness, both organic and inorganic upon this biodiverse living being we call our mother. This blessed Earth! Together weaving our collective consciousness into her own evolving consciousness. She speaks to me through the leaves, the trees, the skies, air and waters, the winged birds, beasts, elementals and nature spirits. I am swinging on a vertical thread, plumb bob hooked to the skies above, the stars, cosmos, galaxies, angels and Gods above. White light, living cosmic fire! The breath of God! Centres within centres, fiery light descends into my bodies. I become a conduit for the spirit descending, flowing into this world. Sparking awakening. Wake up people! Life force scintillates with sparkling joy. Belly alive with a burning rage. Respect her! Gravity drawing down through Dragon Fires and Molten Lava Seas, chaos remembers the dawn of creation. Naga Kings remember well! All in her belly/heart below. Gravity drawing me in, holding me close to her nurturing breast. I melt, dissolve, become one with her. She! Breathes fire! Save us from ourselves! Millions of voices whispering in tongues, “The answer lies within! All of us together!” Much Love, Alfred

    1. “I love your comment” I am swinging on a vertical thread, plumb bob hooked to the skies above, the stars, cosmos, galaxies, angels and Gods above…. and the Earth below…

      Its great to have you with us. Your wit and experience bring a smile to everything.

  6. Wonderful things today. In the beginning we were focusing on gravity pulling us to the center of the Earth and for me, in a way, this is what it’s about. When I feel ‘Earth’ and ‘Us’…. there is a rightness and beauty and integrity, a sense that all is in order. It’s profound. Feeling my own consciousness and then consciousness in all its forms I had the feeling of ‘minds’ or ‘life’ with awareness as points or spaces playing out a particular thought pattern/process. I could feel the consciousness of the birds in the background, doing their thing. But I could also feel the consciousness of the Earth. Somehow it’s the gratitude that makes it all happen, its like the oil that makes the machine work.. it enlivens and awakens 🙂

  7. The biggest experience for me so far is that I feel like things are opening up below. …. in the Earth, in the land around Millthorpe…. as if there was an opening out in the land here where I am. I love this feeling. This morning I felt my body respond to the gratitude, as I usually don’t take notice of it, I just expect it to do everything I demand, so the sense of acknowledging it, made me feel more right.

    There is something about starting on the new moon and the eclipse as well. I’m not sure what it means, but it feels significant.

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