It’s time to stand with the Earth.

Helen Russ Ph.D.

Our Actions have an impact

To be a positive force on Earth we need to be consciously and experientially aware that we share our place with other forms of life.

My work is about developing a conscious active relationship with ourselves, with the groups we participate in and with the places we live.

  • Individuals to help them be the most they can be.
  • Organizations to awaken the collective spirit. I’ve developed a language and a model to enable us to develop an active conscious relationship with the spirit of the organization.
  • Spirit of place. Organizations like people exist in a place. Landforms, trees, energy wells, subtle earth meridians all effect our inner harmony and therefore the smooth functioning of us and of the organisations we are part of.

I grew up with the red and black soils between the Macquarie and Castlereagh Rivers in central western NSW. It is here on these vast dry plains that I developed a relationship with land and the subtle energies of place.

I have an undergraduate degree in Systems Agriculture, majoring in environmental community development. Following ten years in the Landcare movement, I realised that the source of the dysfunction in the world is on the inside, it is within our psyche. So in 1999 I began to study and practice the techniques of a meditation school exploring the landscape of consciousness within the western esoteric tradition. I felt that to clean up the world, perhaps the best place to begin was with myself.

My Ph.D is in the spirit of organizations which I discovered are inseparable from the spirit of place.

I have two published books, ‘Experiences of Grace‘ which shares experiences of meditation and transformation.

My second book is titled,  ‘Across the Creek, land energy experiences in the home paddock‘. It shares my journey exploring the spirit of place at my home property, Booroola.

Working with

sourcing  |  reflection   |  awareness

meditation  |  connection

experiential learning

I rest on the philosophy of Plato’s and many others who suggest that the creation emerged from ‘The One’.  The life flowing through you, is the same life flowing through me in a different form. If you want to find solutions to earthly dilemmas look for the source.

We do not solve the problem from the level of the problem.

My experience suggests that every form has a higher mode and lower mode of expression and that we can transcend the polarity of dualism with aspiration. There is always a higher truth that embodies the whole. I also believe that it is the intrinsic desire for all beings is to realise their highest potential. The most extraordinary life emerges when we hold each moment towards the most that can be.

If you’d like to work with me it might be a bit wild, but it will be awakening, open, full of light and fun.


Learning about the Lexion, different organizations, and levels of consciousness has opened my awareness to another reality that is so much more profound

Yvette Benson
28 April 2022
Organisations, Training
Once an organisation’s Lexion is recognised and aligned with the Lex, there is a resulting flow and rightness at the elexion and physical levels. Dr. Helen Russ has brought an essential slice of knowledge

Geraldine McGloin Ireland
6 April 2022
Organisations, Training
Dr. Helen Russ’ Lexion training is just what I have been looking for all along. She brought down the knowledge which helps me understand why good people with the best intensions are not enough for organisations to be good as well.

Erika Belehar Slovinia
7 April 2022
Organisations, Training
Her artwork depicts her actual experiences on the faded out photographic representation of the physical realm. The …. reader is brought on an intimate journey into the depths of the Australian land and given a glimpse of Aboriginal spirituality and relationship to the land.

Geraldine McGloin
9 October 2020
Across the Creek, Earth & Us, Meditation
It is not enough to say, I love Earth, isn’t she beautiful? We must love her and all her manifestations as we love our children, our mothers, our lovers, ourselves.

Tosca Zraikat
25 June 2021
Earth & Us, Meditation, Mentoring
In 8 sessions we were able to tune into … a restaurant, hospital, non profit organizations and a crypto currency company. Each had distinctly different flavors. We were able to feel …. where they have been falling from this purpose. … it is easy to see how with Helen’s technique an organization can be re-aligned.

Elle Kerr-Wilson USA
28 April 2022
Organisations, Training


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