Success, harmony and integrity in organisations is about relationships. Relationships with the Earth where you are located, with the Overmind of your city/nation etc, with yourself, and with others.

We work with Groups and Organisations to ensure our collective actions honour Life, the Earth and the Human Family.

For centuries teachers have worked to help the individual align with their true nature, often described as the I AM.

Earth & Us works in the interface between

the I Am and the We Are.

Collectively we have understood the importance of our relationships with people and organisational partners. However, organisations emerge in a particular ‘PLACE’ on Earth. The founder will live somewhere, he or she will dream up the idea for the organisation at a particular location that has a particular frequency or vibration, an ambient Land Energy. These energies affect what is possible for the organisation.

Every place also has a social/cultural spirit. A vibe. This of the ambience of a city. This also impacts the type and style of the organisation that is possible. Described as the ‘Overmind’, its the collective psyche of the human family at that place. Think of attempting to hold a freedom festival in a city focused on fundamentalist ideologies.

When a group of people gather, they carry a particular energy, a vibe. Described as the Lexion, it is the psyche energy associated with the organisation or group. If you can recognise that Qantas Airlines feels different to South West Airlines, or Lufthansa, you are aware of the organisational lexions.

Earth & Us works individuals and groups in the space between,

the lexion,

the Overmind and

the spirit of the place.

We aim to create successful initiatives that are in harmony with all life.

With organisations we begin by walking the land where your head office is located. Consciously acknowledging this relationship fosters support for your activates from the subtle energy of the land where you are located. For more

Dr. Helen Russ’ Lexion training is just what I have been looking for all along. She brought down the knowledge which helps me understand why good people with the best intensions are not enough for organisations to be good as well.

Erika Belehar Slovinia
7 April 2022
Organisations, Training
It is not enough to say, I love Earth, isn’t she beautiful? We must love her and all her manifestations as we love our children, our mothers, our lovers, ourselves.

Tosca Zraikat
25 June 2021
Earth & Us, Meditation, Mentoring
This blessed Earth! Together weaving our collective consciousness into her own evolving consciousness. She speaks to me through the leaves, the trees, the skies, air and waters, the winged birds, beasts, elementals and nature spirits.

Alfred Looman AUS
12 June 2021
Earth & Us, Meditation
I gained a new understanding around the power of the human heart and conscious will in maintaining the integrity of an organization, and a new awareness of the levels of consciousness at play within the development and maintenance of an organization, as well creative projects.

Allison Wendt Canada
29 April 2022
Organisations, Training
Helen took the time to explain and illustrate the concepts, i really appreciated it as I dont have a lot experience in meditation. It enriched my spiritual learning not only on working/ tuning in with organizations but in my every day search.

Ligia Nosealy Pettit USA
5 May 2022
Meditation, Organisations, Training
I feel so at peace and I really love the way I feel after Helen’s meditation.

Barbara Kurtman
13 June 2021
Earth & Us, Meditation


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