Humanity’s greatest power is in groups. How can we ensure they are always a force for good?

The Lexion is the Spirit of a Group

Lexion technology explores the

structure, nature and behaviour

of the group psyche.

Whenever people gather, whether they want it or not, whether they are aware of it or not, a group spirit also emerges. Traditionally we recognise it as organisational culture. When we say Qantas Airlines feels different to Virgin Airlines, we are recognizing the spirit of the organisation.

The joy, enthusiasm and or dysfunction in an organisation can be traced to its collective spirit.

Lexion technology uses systematic repeatable techniques to reveal the hidden, psychological mechanisms within the organisation.

What has previously been managed intuitively by a charismatic leader is made visible and available to everyone.

The Model


The Lex is the perfect Form, in Platos model, the Archetype. Plato says for a horse to exist, somewhere is a perfect essence of horse-ness. Organisations also have a perfect essence or living Form that inspires the collective action and psychology of the group. A dysfunctional organisation occurs when no-one within the group is actively and consciously in touch with the Lex..


Lex as (Plato’s) archetypal blueprint,

The Lexion (capital L) as all that is aligned with the Lex,

The elexion as all that is imprinted with the qualities of the Lex.

lexion (small l) is the whole structure – everything associated with the Lex.

Morality, Organisations and Us


We are unique. While our incarnation standpoint is within physical reality, by nature we experience multiple standpoints, one of which comes through our heart.

The incarnation standpoint for organisations is limited to the astral or mental realms. For groups the pull towards self-determination is focused within the laws of intelligible realms, where attention is the focusing force (Palmer, 1994) and where time and space are not fixed.

The spirit of your organisation is not interested in the physical. It is not interested in your needs or moral imperatives.

It is interested in gaining momentum within consciousness, and it needs attention or devotion to increase its power.

What benefits the lexion may not benefit the people.

When we work in groups with a similar purpose our mental impulses flow together and
become a stream that is subject to principles of repulsion, attraction and attention or inattention. With enough people focused on a particular stream, the streams grow and become, a Being, a lexion, with its own destiny, desires and fears.

The greater the numbers giving it attention, the greater the force and the more compelling it becomes.


In ancient Greek,

Lex means:

‘The Word’,

In Latin,

Lex means,

‘lore, law and dharma’.

Within the structure of the Lex, everything is contained in its perfection,

The lexion is all that is associated with that particular Lex’. 

Why Bother


Working with the lexion transforms the space of consciousness of the group. The lexion is a Being, in its own right, with its own desires, fears, psychological wounding and its own destiny.

When we ignore it, it operates in the background and usually in lower mode. When we communicate with it, it acts like a friendly breeze supporting new endeavours.

Vision is a powerful tool. In a similar way that ‘being seen’ allows an individual to remember their true nature, when the spirit of an organisation is truly ‘seen’ it naturally re-aligns with the purity of intent behind the original impulse.

Organisational integrity is considered to be present when the activities and systems of the group is aligned with the lore, law and dharma within the Lex.


Connect with Helen

Organisations are in essence the emanation of an idea. They are a living Being. Like us, each organisation has an emanation pathway, each has levels of emanation, a psychological make up and a subtle energetic action each organisation uses to ‘get what it wants’.

To recognise the organisational lexion at different levels of emanation requires a familiarity navigating consciousness. With ordinary mental consciousness we relate to the world of the five senses. Working with a lexion requires that we operate at Noetic levels of consciousness.


A technology of consciousness, 

A theoretical framework, within a cosmological context

Experience mapping the spirit of organisations you are part of.


To consciously work with the lexion there are elements to explore, including how groups form, what is the role of Will, polarity and place. Each lexion has a relationship with the Earth and in the landscape of lexions. Things emanate in higher and lower mode and its up to us to maintain a an open pathway between the Lex and the more emanated elexion. Each group also has a particular energetic action, a metaphysical dance move it uses to get what it wants.

To work with the organisational lexion requires that we recognise it as a Being in its own right, and we learn its psychological make up and its non-physical structure.

To have a harmonious and healthy relationship with the spirit of your organisation requires we acknowledge and respect them like any other life form. When we ignore them, they operate in the back ground and usually in lower mode.

In 8 sessions we were able to tune into … a restaurant, hospital, non profit organizations and a crypto currency company. Each had distinctly different flavors. We were able to feel …. where they have been falling from this purpose. … it is easy to see how with Helen’s technique an organization can be re-aligned.

Elle Kerr-Wilson USA
28 April 2022
Helen took the time to explain and illustrate the concepts, i really appreciated it as I dont have a lot experience in meditation. It enriched my spiritual learning not only on working/ tuning in with organizations but in my every day search.

Ligia Nosealy Pettit USA
5 May 2022
I gained a new understanding around the power of the human heart and conscious will in maintaining the integrity of an organization, and a new awareness of the levels of consciousness at play within the development and maintenance of an organization, as well creative projects.

Allison Wendt Canada
29 April 2022