TITLE: Lexion – That which Upholds or Bears an Archetype. Introducing Lex and Lexion to Modern English.

ABSTRACT: Derived from the Etruscan and Greek alphabets, Latin is a classical language that has influenced modern languages such as English, French, Italian and Spanish. With its Latin and Greek roots, this paper argues that the word lexion is an appropriate and necessary addition to the English language. Lex in Latin means, law, syllabus, statute and dharma. Lex in Ancient Greek means ‘the Word’ or logos…… PDF Download
TITLE: Metaphysical Mapping – A Methodology to Map the Consciousness of Organisations.

ABSTRACT: Intuitively, groups of people, be it a business, sporting club, or international corporation are recognized by a particular flavor of consciousness. Broadly described as organizational culture, this article presents a methodology to systematically enter and explore organizational consciousness described by Helen Russ as the organizational lexion. …..PDF Download
TITLE: Lexion – The Essence of the ‘We Are’. A model for the Consciousness of Organisations.

If you only read one article, this is the one.

ABSTRACT: What is experienced when we realize that Google feels different than Yahoo? This research used case studies in Australia, the United States, and Ireland to explore the spirit of organizations through metaphysical mapping and in-depth interviews. This article describes the We Are as the lexion (small l) including: (a) Lex – equivalent to Plato’s Archetype, (b) Lexion (capital L) – all that is aligned with the Lex, and (c) elexion (small e) – all that is imprinted with qualities of the Lex….. PDF Download


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