An Excerpt from Across the Creek – Land energy experiences in the home paddock. 1.32mins

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With family and friends locally and in four continents, Helen shares the experiences from writing Across the Creek. Growing up on a property out of Warren, her years exploring consciousness through meditation and the the mystical and wonderful relationship with the Women

The full recording for the book launch. 34.56 mins

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Have courage and read, fall deeply into the world that Helen brings us in, Across the Creek, if you dare.

Amy Rue USA
13 January 2021
The reflective nature of Across The Creek is a powerful way to go inside and contemplate our inner and outer environment so we can get back to what we all possess – the ability to feel and see, the ability to sense things beyond our over-active minds.

Julie Braden AUS
18 October 2020
You have such a down to earth way of leading us through the portals to land energies and the wisdom of the knowledge keepers. We get to see how you ask profound questions and then show us the raw experiences on the way towards understanding. The things that shaped you, shaped us.

Michele Goeldi Aus
28 November 2020

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