The Earth is alive. Earth energies are the subtle expression of the ‘life’, in the trees, streams, landforms that are all around us.

The subtle Earth energies associated with a particular place

effect what is possible in that place.

If your organisational mission is aligned with the place where you are, it is as if a gentle breeze is always lifting you and making things easier. If you are out of alignment with the land energies, you will constantly battle. It will be like walking through mud, or you will continually come up against obstacles.

It is the same for us as individuals. Some places have Earth energies that suit us, we feel happy there.

The same essence of ‘life’ that animates you and me also animates a tree, or a stream or a mountain.

Each life form has its own frequency, its own agency and a desire to achieve its greatest potential.

Earth Energy Walks

Land energy walks can occur in any natural place. They can even occur in unnatural places such as houses or community streets. The essential component is that you attune your energy to ‘feel’ the subtle energies of place within the designated area.

You use your body as the thermometer.

Allow your subtle energy to interact with the subtle energies around you.

There are a few simple techniques that with practice will reveal a whole landscape of subtle energies. By breathing into the Life in your body for example, you can end up breathing with the Earth.

By dropping your energy down below your feet you can experience energy that feels like the source of life itself. You can experience imprints from past people. You can get a sense of what has occurred in a location at some other time.

The Earth is our playground waiting for us to reveal the divinity and life at its essence.

Things to Experience

People experience visceral tangible feelings like when you meet a friend. You get a sense how they feel. Coming away from a land energy walk your subtle bodies are changed, you can feel spread, open.

You can feel like as if your energy is shared with other life forms.

Energy wells  

Earth meridians

Land Beings


Multi-dimensional portals

Imprints from past inhabitants

Sacred sites

Sacred weaves

Sacred lines

Earth energy activities are best to occur where you are in the place where you are deeply connected. A good amount of time is a couple of hours initially, but I have explored my home property for years.

Walks can occur as an individual or in groups.

If you are an organization I recommend exploring the land energies where your offices or headquarters are located. You may be surprised at how much they affect what is possible for your company.

Helen’s book, Across the Creek – Land energy experiences in the home paddock. It is the earth energy story of ‘Booroola’, the property where she grew up in Central West NSW Australia.

Have courage and read, fall deeply into the world that Helen brings us in, Across the Creek, if you dare‘. …….Amy R USA.

Land energy walks

ZOOM workshops

Weekend workshops


Her artwork depicts her actual experiences on the faded out photographic representation of the physical realm. The …. reader is brought on an intimate journey into the depths of the Australian land and given a glimpse of Aboriginal spirituality and relationship to the land.

Geraldine McGloin
9 October 2020
What of this world now though? How will we ever even begin to heal? Now that it has come to this, beloved children of the Earth? Will she have the power to influence us, through her will the source move us, to save us from ourselves? Or is that our destinies are now entirely in our own hands …..

Alfred Looman
18 June 2021
I feel so at peace and I really love the way I feel after Helen’s meditation.

Barbara Kurtman
13 June 2021

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