Helping you and your organisation find alignment, personally, professionally and geographically. Mentoring connects you to the deeper flows. It brings clarity, calm and a sense of whats possible.

Depending on what you want, Helen uses her vision and more than 25 years experience in consciousness to help you navigate your professional and personal life. A variety of techniques are used to navigate the landscape of consciousness associated with you, your professional life and your place in the world.

Helen can ‘see’, through time, threats, opportunities, blockages and through sourcing, Helen will help you navigate successfully, be it your company’s direction, your place within your profession or your personal world.

Personal Professional Place
What does your heart want ?
What are you afraid of?
Your greatest challenges, threats, strengths?
What is your legacy?
What does your organisation believe?
What does it want, what is it avoiding?
Does it feel seen or ignored?
How does it fit in its professional the landscape?
Tell me about the Place where you are?
How does it feel, are you comfortable?
How does your organisation fit within the landscape.
Initial consultation questions

Dysfunction and inefficiencies come when things are out of alignment with their true nature. That is true for you and for your company or business.

Mentoring gives you a series of techniques to create clarity.

Mentoring is a calm port amongst the storms.

The techniques work on principles of sourcing, reflection, awareness and being ‘with’ a principle rather than trying to actively alter it. Rather than trying to ‘fix things’, this work teaches us how to be with what is.  The techniques rest on the principle that once something is really ‘seen’ it naturally returns to its essential essence or true nature.

Sourcing allows us to recognise the subtle energy of things. Depending on our interest, we can get in touch with our own inner landscape, with the subtle energy of place or with the spirit of the groups or organisations you are participating in.

The process facilitates the release of psychological blockages, it helps to overcome traumas and supports us to align with the highest potential. It’s an opportunity to become a master of our own mind while we are actively relating with other forms of consciousness.

Sessions can be about 90 minutes weekly, or we design something specifically for you.

Can be online.