Sourcing consciousness

Private sessions

A fulfilling life comes when we are connected with the source. The source of life itself. In a physical body, this is the most fun you can have. The first and the last frontier. It’s an experiential adventure where you are both driver, navigator and your consciousness is the substance being transformed.

Sourcing is; consciousness turning in on itself to experience the essence of its true nature.

When you connect with your own source, you connect with life in all its forms. You recognise your relationship with the Earth, with yourself and with others.

Ninety minute private sessions, are used to navigate the inner landscape of consciousness.

Sourcing allows us to recognise the subtle energy of things. Depending on our interest, we can get in touch with our own inner landscape, with the subtle energy of place or with the spirit of the groups or organisations we are participating in.

The process facilitates the release of psychological blockages, it helps to overcome traumas and supports us to align with the highest potential. It’s an opportunity to become a master of our own mind while we are actively relating with other forms of consciosuness.

Depending on circumstances a series of sessions is usually recommended. Often beginning with a daily meditation practice and moving into a process where a sourcing of consciousness reveals areas of the psyche that haven’t previously been explored.

The basic technique is whats used to explore consciousness at large, be it higher mind states, other dimensions, the spirit of place, the spirit of organisations, the consciousness of other beings or alternative realities. Once you gain proficiency with the technique there is no limit to what can be explored.

The techniques work on principles of sourcing, reflection, awareness and being ‘with’ a principle rather than trying to actively alter it. Rather than trying to ‘fix things’, this work teaches us how to be with what is.  The techniques rest on the principle that once something is really ‘seen’ it naturally returns to its essential essence or true nature.

Blockages or dysfunction are evident when things are disconnected from their source, when we are fighting with what is, or trying to force or grasp reality. Discovering the source of something reminds us of its true nature and as a by product our psyche is flooded with light, joy and love.

Sessions are usually about 90 minutes and occur online or in practice rooms in Millthorpe NSW.





If you’d prefer to do group work there are a series of one day connection workshops available.

Meditation Workshops