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Re-connecting with the power of the Earth in groups

Earth meridians, energy wells, sacred lines, sacred weaves, imprints from past inhabitants, the spirit of trees, a mountain or a river. What does connecting with the Earth bring us? How does the subtle energies of the place where you are affect your business, your employees, your success?

Across the Creek – Land energy experiences in the home paddock.

Why do the original Australians talk about their connection to country? Helen shares her experiences from growing up in Central Western NSW Australia.

How do land energies effect organisations? 

Helen can share stories of a Peace and Reconciliation organisation in Ireland that was drawn to specific land energies that facilitated the Peace and Reconciliation work. Ironically, the traumatic imprints from previous inhabitants were have a detrimental impact on staff.

The Magic of Group Consciousness

What is the spirit of the group? An Podcast…… Helen speaking with Richard Bawden about the magic of group consciousness.

What is integrity in organisations?

For centuries, corporate wizards, revolutionaries and community leaders have intuitively predicted global trends, changed cultural opinion and managed crowds. The challenge is that there is no language or intellectual framework to discuss or critique what they do. It’s largely been the sole playground of the one or two charismatic leaders who have an intuitive sense of their people within the larger cultural landscape. Dysfunction, bureaucratic systems and inefficiencies in groups challenge us all.

This work brings a language and a technology to work with the spirit of groups using the concept of the lexion. It provides a pathway towards awakening for the collective. It facilitates the development of a relationship between the spirit of the group and group members and the spirit of the place you operate from. It brings awakening, efficiency and harmony to organizational culture.


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