Integrity in Groups

 20 min talk

Organizational inefficiencies, emotional dysfunction, self interest and bureaucratic systems derail all kinds of grand ideas when people come together to do things. Helen Russ, Ph.D, will share the results of recent research exploring the spirit of groups.

Technology     |     Language     |      Pathway


Awakening      |      Harmony      |      Integrity


We recognize the need to regularly maintain the essence of the ‘I am’.  As individuals we wash, exercise and meditate to retain health vitality and peace of mind.

What do we do for the ‘We Are’?

For centuries, corporate wizards, revolutionaries and community leaders have intuitively predicted global trends, changed cultural opinion and managed crowds. The challenge is that there is no language or intellectual framework to discuss or critique what they do. It’s largely been the sole playground of the one or two charismatic leaders who have an intuitive sense of their people within the larger cultural landscape. Dysfunction, bureaucratic systems and inefficiencies in groups challenge us all.

This work brings a language and a technology to work with the spirit of groups using the concept of the lexion. It provides a pathway towards awakening for the collective. It facilitates the development of a relationship between the spirit of the group and group members. It brings awakening, efficiency and harmony to organizational culture.

Right now we are faced with monumental environmental, health and economic challenges. Natural disasters, pollution, health crisis, political movements are managed by groups of people.

The challenges we face will not be solved at the level of the problem.

Lexion is a simple repeatable process to help groups function efficiently and cleanly. Using theories presented by Plato, meditation techniques and the language of lexion, Helen will help us understand that witnessing or ‘being present with’ the lexion is the first step to awakening within the group culture.

The technology and the language provide tools to facilitate an ongoing uplifted relationship between staff and the spirit of the organization.