Earth & Us ~ Awakening

Awakening to life in all its forms, to our multidimensional nature and to our inter-connectedness allows us to begin to navigate the landscape of consciousness.


Earth & Us


a training

1 Year

Weekly ZOOM


2 weekends in person

Re-connecting with our multidimensional selves

Navigating the landscape of consciousness

Learning to map non-physical realities

This training is for those who want to learn how to navigate the landscape of consciousness. If you want to be able to map the spirit of groups, the spirit of trees and your own inner life you need training.

To be able to navigate the landscape of our own mind gives us incredible power. Inside we find peace, clarity and ultimately ourselves. Inside we can source material phenomenon. 

We will be introduced to our inner landscape. We will be introduced to the vertical axis, to nodes and platforms that are tools for navigation. We will be taught to aspire, how to hold ourselves within the landscape of consciousness and how to map consciousness.

Practical | Experiential | Theoretical


Our vertical axis is our ‘place’ in the world. It extends between infinity above our heads and the core of the Earth below. While we are incarnated, it is the only place we really ‘inhabit’. When we are consciously aware of this subtle structure we have a place inside where we can find what is true for us, a place that is stable and a place from where we can ‘do things’. It is our emanation pathway.

Our ability to live and die well rests on: Will, navigation skills, help from high spiritual beings, psychological wounding and karma. A great deal of trouble can be overcome through skillful navigation and help from spiritual friends. Mapping consciousness and aspiration are two things that transform our journey.

This is a foundational workshop. All other in-depth trainings require an ability to map consciousness. If you are interested in Lexion or land energies (but have no previous mapping experience) this is the place to start. 

ZOOM training 1 session per week

The next intake is May 2022


Helen works with colleagues around the world who have similar training. There will be at least two in person weekends a year. Locations and trainers depend on your home country.

Techniques include, meditation, third eye and focused awareness, requesting access, navigating through nodes in the vertical axis, transferring your consciousness from one ‘state’ to another. Recognizing presence, comparing sensations within the mind and discerning the integrity of what we experience. We are navigating the felt sense within the landscape of consciousness.

These are the foundational tools to support your practice.

All sessions will combine, practical techniques, with a theoretical framework. There is a mountain of theory but the most important thing is experience.

Helen Russ Ph.D has studied consciousness for more than 20 years. Her interest is in the spirit of place and the spirit of groups. Helen will share anecdotes from her training and her personal experiences, she will design something specifically for us, and she will help us learn by doing it herself.

There are a variety of techniques but all focus around where you place your awareness, the breath, the body and our relationship with other life forms. The human body is the most incredible instrument known to man. It combines physical, mental/emotional and spiritual components. This work is about consciously working with each.

Helen’s often says, its the most fun you can have.

Rates Australian dollars

Corporate $125/month

Individual $95/month

Mates rates $75/month

Weekend rates depend on venues etc

Special circumstances or payment plan – talk to us


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