‘Across the Creek’ in Wagga Wagga

Talk – Q & A

Sat 10 am Sept 18th

Collins Booksellers

75 Baylis St Wagga Wagga

No charge

High Tea

 Sat 3.30pm Sept 18th 

The Curious Rabbit

44 Johnston St Wagga Wagga


Spirit of Place Experience

 Sun 8am-12 Noon Sept 19th

The Curious Rabbit

44 Johnston St Wagga Wagga


Across the Creek

land energy experiences in the home paddock

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Across the Creek explores the relationship with the spirit of place through the canvas of Helens’ home property NE of Warren in Central West New South Wales.

This story walks between worlds. Between the practical, material daily life on a farm, and the subtle spiritual life of a place called Booroola. It walks between the white capitalist paradigm and the ancient Aboriginal way. It’s a link between worlds, between the sacred and the profane and it brings greater awareness of the relationship between the Earth and Us.

Across the Creek is a work of spirit. Totally enchanting and inspiring. Helen has managed an extraordinary communication between the worlds – past and present, and through her exquisite art and words communicates with the reader transporting them to a place of contemplation and reverence”.

Ann Harrison, psychotherapist and meditation teacher.

A read that captures and combines culture, vision, humanity and family whilst highlighting the importance of one’s mind”.

Larry Trudgett, local Wiradjuri man.

You have such a down to earth way of leading us through the portals to land energies and the wisdom of the knowledge keepers.
We get to see how you ask profound questions and then show us the raw experiences on the way towards understanding.
The things that shaped you, shaped us.
You reveal the impact of a disconnect that underpinned the early settler’s misunderstanding of the land.
At the same time you reveal the far greater light within the land and within the people who KNOW they are part of it (and have been custodians of it for aeons).

The keys you have given to subtle energy mapping will help others listen, to be receptive to what is.
I feel your book is a book of healing.
A way for others to turn towards the inner realms of the Self and so, to know the world.

Michele Goeldi, long term meditator

This book is a must for people working with land. It will change our relationship with where we are forever.


Talk Q & A

10 am Saturday Sept 18th 

Collins Booksellers

Helen will share insights and anecdotes from her journey with the emergence of Across the Creek. She will share how she discovered the Women and how they have constantly urged her to tell their story. Helen will be happy to answer your questions and to sign books.

No charge


High Tea

3.30pm Saturday Sept 18th 

The Curious Rabbit

The Curious Rabbit will provide a wonderful High Tea while you experience some of the highs and lows in the emergence of Across the Creek. Helen will bring you into the world of Across the Creek and answer your questions.

Cost $35


Spirit of Place Experience

8 am- 12 noon Sunday Sept 19th

The Curious Rabbit

This is a workshop to explore the spirit of place using meditation based techniques.

Between 8am – 10am  you will be introduced to a few simple meditation techniques to that are a foundation for exploring land energies.

Between 10am – 12noon we will venture outside to connect with the spirit of place by the river in Wagga.

Experiential, practical and theoretical

We will ‘go inside’ using the third eye, focused breathing, recognising presence and centered and peripheral awareness.

When we are outside, we will look for the spirit of a tree, for energy wells, sacred weaves, earth meridians, and imprints from past inhabitants.

This is an introductory workshop.

Helen has studied consciousness for more than 20 years. She will share anecdotes from her training and her personal experiences, and she will help us learn by doing it with you.

It combines principles of sourcing, reflection, holism, experiential learning and awareness.

Helen often says, its the most fun you can have.

Cost $50

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