Connecting with the

Spirit of Place


Millthorpe & Carcoar


at your place


+61 (0) 4477 123 one zero

1 to 3 hours

By appointment

Designed to work with your group

Early mornings & evenings are best, but it can also be anytime on a nice day.

Helen will take you for an gentle wander in some natural places. Gentle insights, techniques and stories will enrich your experience of the local land energies.


Connecting with the spirit of things brings a sense of aliveness, an incredible awakening and joy. It reminds us of our connection to all life in a feeling way. The spirit of trees, earth meridians, sacred weaves, the imprints from past inhabitants, sacred essence of creeks, are all there, we only need to remember them.


Simple repeatable techniques that use the body as the barometer. Things we all do intuitively, but with these techniques it becomes overt or recognised.

Helen Russ has a Ph.D in the spirit of organisations and she is the Author of ‘Across the Creek- Land energy experiences in the home paddock’ which will give you an idea of what’s possible.

Across the Creek