Good Morning Earth Us Community,
So much love! Receiving from Helen’s meditation this morning. I am seeing, feeling, knowing the awareness that is knowing human consciousness. Which holds the potential for being human consciousness sublime. Loving, compassionate, grateful, generous, wise and kind. A divine garment clothing, embracing awareness innate. Combine-essence-ing with all forms of consciousness, both organic and inorganic upon this biodiverse living being we call our mother. This blessed Earth! Together weaving our collective consciousness into her own evolving consciousness. She speaks to me through the leaves, the trees, the skies, air and waters, the winged birds, beasts, elementals and nature spirits. I am swinging on a vertical thread, plumb bob hooked to the skies above, the stars, cosmos, galaxies, angels and Gods above. White light, living cosmic fire! The breath of God! Centres within centres, fiery light descends into my bodies. I become a conduit for the spirit descending, flowing into this world. Sparking awakening. Wake up people! Life force scintillates with sparkling joy. Belly alive with a burning rage. Respect her! Gravity drawing down through Dragon Fires and Molten Lava Seas, chaos remembers the dawn of creation. Naga Kings remember well! All in her belly/heart below. Gravity drawing me in, holding me close to her nurturing breast. I melt, dissolve, become one with her. She! Breathes fire! Save us from ourselves! Millions of voices whispering in tongues, “The answer lies within! All of us together!” Much Love, Alfred