Good morning Earth & Us Community,
Sitting here to write my heart glows, skin tingles with dancing raptures and my belly is so full. A warm glow connecting me to life, to this living Earth. To all of us! So little to say each day, when every day since day one the deepest inner stillness overtakes me. Rests so profoundly still upon gravities downward polarity. Upon the ground of being. High above pure awareness so bright and clear expanding boundlessly into the cosmos. Sacred vibrations, sounds and lights. I can almost hear angels singing in a chorus of celebration that we are remembering together. Weeping together too for what has become of us. For what is happening to us and all life on Earth. Perhaps in fields of Peace and worlds to come there will be deliverance. What of this world now though? How will we ever even begin to heal? Now that it has come to this, beloved children of the Earth? Will she have the power to influence us, through her will the source move us, to save us from ourselves? Or is that our destinies are now entirely in our own hands …..

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