Changing Standpoint

Fires, floods, hail, dust and drought, the Earth is getting our attention. We are concerned about the effects of fossil fuels, plastic pollution, industrial agriculture, air travel and consumption; we blame; we look for solutions but there are too many fronts that need attention, too many people to change.

The challenges we face now will not be solved at the level of the problem.

We have forgotten. We are part of the Earth. The Earth is us, we are the Earth. What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves. We are one living organism, one Being, one Spirit, and what we see externally is a reflection of what is inside us.

The solutions are on the inside.

We see trees as timber, sheep as livestock, land as property. We see groups of people as consumers of our products or services. We kill for food, for fun and in the course of other endeavors without acknowledging we have taken life. We have commodified everything from our DNA, to new ideas, to cures for illness, to living Beings be they worms or elephants.

We have forgotten that each living form has a right to live out their life to their greatest potential.

To shift requires a radical change of standpoint.

Challenges are multidimensional, multifaceted and complex. We blame the multinationals, the politicians, the uninformed. We are overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem and afraid for our own survival amid apparent indifference and at times disregard.

The challenges we face now will not be

solved at the level of the problem.

To find solutions we need to engage with a different cosmological level. Teachers from Plato to Sri Aurobindo suggest that creation is a multitude of emanations emerging from ‘The One’ immutable source. The Earth, You, me, organizations, the trees, animals, the seas are different emanations of ‘The One Life”. The Life you feel in a tree is You, expressing yourself in a different Form.

When we source consciousness, we gain access to different levels of life. Levels where unity, truth and love are the fabric of things. Levels where the temporary illusion that we are separate dissolves. Through sourcing consciousness we can experience ‘The One’ immutable truth from where all Life emerges. This is where we recognize the problems we see are within us and it is this recognition that gives us the power to change. This is where the solutions lie, this is where the complications are dissolved.

By sourcing consciousness, we reawaken our relationship with Life in all its forms. By sourcing consciousness we reawaken that part of us that recognizes our place in the grand cosmic whole. To transform our current situation, to understand how to interact with other life forms, we need to experience that place where we are all ‘One’.

Groups have a Spirit       |       Land has a Spirit       |      You and I have a Spirit

Finding a way to connect with the spirit of things is one step closer to aligning with their essence or truth. It’s one step closer to finding harmony in the relationship.

Working with the subtle energy of place, the spirit of groups and individuals brings a connection to the essential spiritual essence of things so that we can make decisions that are aligned with all Life; so that our endeavors bring harmony, alignment and peace.