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The Overmind

​What is swam behaviour and why does it happen? Why does politics seem to be constantly teetering towards corruption? How does the internet, multi-dimensionality and individual integrity affect the Overmind? And, perhaps most importantly, what is the role of the human heart?

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Across the Creek

In this Jack Fernon interview we discuss the spirit of things, of tree, earth meridians, energy wells, our place and our love affair with the earth. Twenty years of meditation has taught me that we live with a multiplicity of other life forms. When we ignore them, things aren’t good for them or us. They want us to remember our …

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Otherworld Podcast

Fiona Weatherhead, Deni Rayneau of ‘The Otherworld Podcast’ invited Helen Russ to share her journey through the land energies of Ireland and Australia. Helen shares some of her experiences writing Across the Creek – Land Energy Experiences in the Home Paddock, a story of discovery, insight and awakening to whats possible when we get to know our ‘place’. Through ‘The …

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Free Meditations – Earth & Us Month

FREE RECORDED MEDITATIONS CONNECTING TO LIFE, THE EARTH AND EACH OTHER Earth & Us Month goes for a single month from the new moon to new moon. It gives a month of free recorded meditations where you can spend 15 minutes outside each day connecting with the presence of trees, lakes, streams, hills. It is about connecting presence to presence …

The Women

The Women, or maybe I should say, one of the Women is guiding me. While I was living in Ireland and in San Francisco, the Women began coming to me during meditation. There would be a feeling of them sitting in a circle, Aboriginal spirit women who have a knowledge and a particular role, one seeming to be more aware …

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Across the Creek – Book launch

A revolutionary new book unlocking our relationship with land and the subtle energies of place. Set in Central Western NSW between the Macquarie and Castlereagh Rivers, on a dryland farming place, its a story that uses meditation experiences to unlock the subtle life of the land. Sacred weaves, energy wells, earth meridians, imprints from past inhabitants and how we are …

Blayney Chronicle

CONNECTION: Dr Helen Russ has released a book titled ‘Across the Creek – Land energy experiences in the home paddock.’ Photo: Mark Logan. Even though Helen Russ Ph.D comes from a family that has been settled in the central west since 1850, she considers herself as a new Australian. Order

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An experience with organisational change

An excerpt from ‘A radically different approach to organisational change’. Helen has worked with organisations to bring awakening and alignment to the spirit of the group. This is an excerpt describing a particular experience with a Sight Organisation in California. It illustrates the power of using vision to source conundrums and reveal the inherent goodness within the spirit of the …