Earth & Us ~ 1 Day

Exploring the Spirit of Place

Spirit of Place

Earth & Us

1 Day

1 Day Workshop

in Millthorpe NSW 

 Sun Nov 6th


This workshop recognisies that we live in a multi-dimensional reality, where the Sun, the Earth and Us are part of one life.

During this workshop we will be introduced to the subtle energies of place in such a way that you will be able to return to your home and explore the surrounding landscape.

Practical | Experiential | Theoretical

While meditating overseas, Helen Russ Ph.D began having experiences of a group of energetic Aboriginal women who were at a particular location at her home property between the Macquarie and Castlereagh Rivers in Central Western NSW. Over time these Women began to guide Helen on a journey exploring the subtle energies of Place. There were all kinds of things to discover. Helen’s book, Across the Creek land energy experience in the home paddock, shares what is possible.

Across the Creek -Talk

Earth meridians | Energy wells

The spirit of Trees | Energy Networks

Sacred weaves | Historic trauma

Thresholds | Land Beings

This workshop will combine, practical techniques in the field, with a theoretical framework to help us understand how to hold our energy and what we are experiencing. Helen has studied consciousness for more than 20 years in Australia, the United States and Europe. She will draw on her training and her personal experiences with land to reveal the divinity and subtle life that is all around us. Helen has a plethora of techniques to fill up your tool kit.

Recognising presence 

Internalising Consciousness

Breathing with the Earth 

Space Scanning 

Earth listening 

Sense with your body

The workshop will give us experiential references that confirm that we are part of the earth, that we share this beautiful place with a myriad of other life Forms. It will also give us tools for unlocking traumas in the land and helping to bring balance and harmony to our relationships with other life.