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Connecting with the spirit of place

A foundational workshop to connect with ourselves and with the life that is all around us. Experience your inner life using the third eye, focused awareness, breathing techniques 

Explore our relationship with trees, bodies of water, sacred weaves, energy wells and imprints from past inhabitants.

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Earth & Us Online

 8 week program 


2.5 hours/week

Jan 2023

Connecting with the spirit of place

Earth & Us Online will help us gain the skills to connect with the presence of life in all its forms.

Practical | Experiential | Theoretical

Each week

    • Context philosophy
    • Practice going inside. Simple repeatable meditation based techniques to connect and begin to navigate your inner world.
    • Practices for outside: Simple repeatable techniques to explore our connection with trees, land, water bodies, mountains etc.
    • Sharing, questions, discussion

Techniques to explore consciousness:-

    • Meditation
    • Breathing techniques
    • Third eye awareness
    • Navigating the vertical axis
    • Navigating nodes
    • Discernment using a grid of qualities
    • Posture alignment
    • Navigating thresholds
    • Requesting access

Things to discover:-

    • Spirit of a place, mountain, valley, lake, stream, homes, property, organisations
    • Spirit of trees
    • Spirit of water
    • The healing power of water
    • Energy wells,
    • Imprints from past inhabitants
    • Earth meridians,
    • Hartman grid
    • Sacred weaves

Active techniques

    • Earth scanning
    • Following the body
    • Hand sensing
    • Dowsing the Hartman grid
    • Belling, clapping to remove unwanted energies
    • Using the voice
    • Cleansing water using dowsing
    • Mapping a site/house/property/tree/forest


    • Are we really beings who operate in 9 dimensions?
    • How can we all be one when we are separate
    • Emanation pathway
    • Higher Ego, astral, etheric and physical bodies

To connect with other life forms its necessary to enter the feeling states that are beyond the ordinary mind. Each week we will being with a meditation practise where we learn to explore our inner life. We will follow with some new cosmological perspectives, a discussion, sharing and questions before we venture into specific land sensing techniques. 

Each week we will have the opportunity to go into nature in our own time and explore the specific land sensing techniques we’ve been given.

All workshops will combine, practical techniques, with a theoretical framework to help us consciously explore subtle presences. There is a mountain of theory but the most important thing is experience.

Helen has studied consciousness for more than 20 years. She will share anecdotes from her training and her personal experiences, she will design something specifically for us, and she will help us learn by doing it herself.

More about Helen

Helen has written about these experiences in Across the Creek, land energy experiences in the home paddock. It tells the story of discovering the land energies at Booroola, Helen’s home place in Central Western NSW.

A free PDF download of Across the Creek is available once we register. If you’d like a preview, Helen shares the story in the book launch talk at the link below.

Across the Creek

Techniques focus around where we place our awareness, the breath, the body and our relationship with other life forms. This vehicle we have is the most incredible instrument known to man. It combines physical, mental/emotional and spiritual components. This work is about consciously working with each.

Helen’s often says, its the most fun you can have.

Training starts

Jan 2023

Rates Australian dollars

Corporate $990

Individual $660

Student $440

Special circumstances or payment plan – talk to us

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