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The Overmind

​What is swam behaviour and why does it happen? Why does politics seem to be constantly teetering towards corruption? How does the internet, multi-dimensionality and individual integrity affect the Overmind? And, perhaps most importantly, what is the role of the human heart?

If we want to throw light on swarm behaviour and corruption in politics, the question to ask is NOT ‘Who is to blame?’, but ‘what are we plugged into, what forces are benefiting?’

Hello wonderful ones…. Friends, fellow travellers. This has come about because one of you asked me about corruption in politics. It has been a long time coming, life times perhaps.

To address this question we need to look at humanity as a whole and the next step in the evolution of consciousness. We will be exploring corruption in politics, swarm behaviour within the internet, integrity in groups, what is the Overmind and how does it work. We will look at the cycles of time and where we are up to. We will explore the importance of place and how to work with it. We will awaken to multidimensionality, to our interconnecting role, and most important of all, we will explore the role of the human heart in this great adventure.

We will see how a tiny race in an Irish village landed massive archetypal forces. We will listen to poetry, songs, books and theatre from those who’ve grappled with this conundrum.

What we are facing now is a huge step in the evolution of consciousness. Its a huge step for humanity. The most exciting times to be alive.

Its a big picture.. so its a bit dense… for this reason the material is split into smaller segments. Some of the material will be familiar to some of you but I recommend you listen to the whole series at least once in order. For those who the material is new, perhaps watch it more than once, and the 4min video below (humanity’s power) may be worth watching first. There are also break out videos that further illustrate a particular point with a story, or bring more detail.

Remember that the mystery of existence is way more marvellous, and incomprehensible than an individual human can hold. What I have presented is a picture from my journey. I am constantly learning. Each of us hold different perspectives because we have travelled different paths. Only by knowing the mind of every person could we know the real truth, the whole story.