The Magic of Group Consciousness

What’s significant about togetherness in the pursuit of Getting to Better?

Richard Bawden and Helen Russ explore the Magic of Group Consciousness.

It would seem that when we really work closely together in some form of collective or other, that we can achieve a state of group consciousness where we feel so immersed in the culture of the group – be it a commercial business, a voluntary organisation, an educational institution, a sporting team, or whatever – that we feel that we are being embraced by a sense of a collective spirit.  It’s not just that we are working together but that we are somehow as one, in some manner or another, that brings a special feeling to togetherness that allows us to flourish in our collective endeavours.  A sense of we are assumes an importance beyond the all too frequent, I am as a dominant feature of our culture.

These fascinating matters are the subject of the conversation in this episode between our host Richard Bawden and his guest, Dr Helen Russ who has been researching into these matters and consulting with organisations from a unique We Are perspective, for a considerable length of time.  Helen’s investigations have included working with organisations overseas, especially Ireland and the USA as well as within Australia.

Getting Better Together, an initiative of The Centre for International Development, Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership (CIDSEL) University of the Sunshine Coast Australia.

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