A wave of love

Just before New Year 2020,  with smoke haze hanging in the street, ash left on the ledge of any open window and an eerie weird vibe in the air, we sat down to do a meditation practice. A moment after closing my eyes a huge wind blew up outside the window and I felt the winds tell us that the rains were coming. It wasn’t that I could smell the rains but that knowledge of the rains was coming with the winds.

It felt like something had turned.

We had been tuning in below, breathing with the earth throughout the practice. There had been waves of love and life rolling though the Earth and we felt part of it.

We were about to close, when I saw an Aboriginal man up somewhere between Darwin and Alice Springs, somewhere to the east. He was looking at us and smiling. Our wave of love in the Earth was mirroring or combining with what he was doing, with what the Aboriginal people had been doing. He was aware of us.  And with that smile I felt that we had somehow participated in something much bigger than we realized.

We felt that Aboriginal people across the country had been doing ceremonies.  The real people had gathered, and people with great ability and great humility had acted. It was an act of love. A transcendent act of Love. Through sheer force of their will, their love and their deep knowledge of Life they had sent a wave of love to the Earth, the Mother. It was huge. It had rolled or flowed across Australia maybe towards the north west, deep deep in the Earth. It was full, full of Life, joyous, open and forgiving. It was Love and Life and it was directed towards the Earth in a way that blew my heart open.

There was a response. Somehow this wave had turned things.

The Earth was responding. The Earth felt the wave and she was responding. It was as if we’d forgotten. We’ve been ignoring her, or sending her impulses of productivity, of need or of greed.  We have forgotten she is a living Being and all Life responds to love.

We saw her responding. The spirit of the Earth was remembering us. As we remembered our love, she was remembering us. She was gathering herself to send a wave back. This huge Being, Mother Earth, Spirit of Life, was responding. It was a huge. A huge wave of love that was rolling back, across thousands of acres, across hundred of miles, a wave that was rolling towards the south east.

And this response, this love was coming in the form of rain.

I wondered how long it would take to come. It felt like weeks. Maybe two or three, and I wondered at the beauty, wisdom and sheer wonderfulness of Aboriginal people. As I have seen the rage of the fires and all that goes with it, I wondered if we are able to listen to these people who may hold the keys to our very survival.