Fires: It’s about love

The fires had been raging across New South Wales and Victoria for months. This was just after Christmas in 2019, when the smoke haze had reduced visibility, covered everything in a fine ash. On an evening was the sun was a ball of red through the smoke haze and life had a strange, end of the world vibe. We had been asking what (if anything) could we do.

We had entered a deep space in meditation and asked is there anything we can do about the smoke? We felt its toxicity laying across the land, affecting people and the consciousness. There was a sense that this layer could be turned upwards. By holding its emanation point there was a feeling that the toxicity could be lightened.

I then asked, what about the fires. A huge angry ‘NO’ was directed towards me from the Being associated with the fires in the Blue Mountains, particularly the Gospers Mountain fire. We could feel that the fires were doing a job. That there was black energy being cleared through the burning. There was a sense that what we are experiencing now is a taste of what is to come if we don’t alter our collective direction.

Our awareness was taken to specific CEO’s. We were seeing particular people with the ability to alter the direction their companies were taking. It was as if ‘Life’ was telling them its about love. One by one, we would hold their heart and very gently say, ‘its about love’. While doing this I looked back to the Being associated with the fire at Gospers Mountain and it smiled as me. At that moment I wondered if the intensity of the fires we experienced earlier was slightly less.

We saw a ball of black energy to the north east of Gospers Mountain that was being drawn up and out through a kind of tunnel created by the mountain.

After this practice I felt calmer about what was happening. I recognized that collectively we have been selfish and mindless in how we are treating the Earth and the other life forms we share it with.