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Otherworld Podcast

Fiona Weatherhead, Deni Rayneau of ‘The Otherworld Podcast’ invited Helen Russ to share her journey through the land energies of Ireland and Australia. Helen shares some of her experiences writing Across the Creek – Land Energy Experiences in the Home Paddock, a story of discovery, insight and awakening to whats possible when we get to know our ‘place’.

Through ‘The Otherworld Podcast’, Fiona and Deni join you every week with intuitive guidance and a cosmic forecast of the week and month ahead using Astrology, Akasha, Tarot and Numerology and tapping into the “otherworld” – all that is beyond what we can see and touch.

They have conversations around themes that we seeing arising in the collective and occasional guests to support these.

Join them every Monday and let them guide you beyond. Link

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