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If you want a job, talk to the spirit of the group

From the Podcast, Exploring Existence, Jack Fernon and Helen Russ PhD discuss the journey of lexion….., what it is, how it emerged and why its important for integrity in organisations. Among other things Helen discusses why a telecommunications organisation impossible to talk to ? … why you better speak to the spirit of the group if you want a job with the company and why organisations loose integrity over time.

Collectively we have an understanding of concepts such as the ‘I Am’, the soul, or the Self. Meditation, prayer, mantras, rituals and ceremony are inner soulful experiences individuals use to commune with spirit or to refine or uplift their consciousness.

Ironically, the world is run by collections of people acting within a framework aimed at an agreed goal, and we have very little material that works with the soul of collectives.

When people gather whether we want it or not, whether we are aware of it or not, a collective spirit also emerges. It’s time we released our fear of the unseen and began to explore the spirit of groups. 

This work describes the unseen. Based on meditation based practices it describes the Lex as the perfect Form or archetypal essence (described by Plato) the Lexion as the energetic core or heart f the organization and the elexion as the ambient atmosphere of the organization also experienced as the group culture. The term lexion refers to the spirit of a group.

Corporate wizards, revolutionaries and teachers intuitively predict global trends, change cultural opinion and manage crowds. This work provides a language and intellectual framework to discuss or critique what they do. Its making what has been intuitive, overt.