The Women

The Women, or maybe I should say, one of the Women is guiding me.

While I was living in Ireland and in San Francisco, the Women began coming to me during meditation. There would be a feeling of them sitting in a circle, Aboriginal spirit women who have a knowledge and a particular role, one seeming to be more aware of my presence. This time, when I returned home, I tuned into them as I drove across the ramp. They welcomed me. A day later, I took a girlfriend across the creek to ‘see’ them.

As I stood on the spot in this dry paddock, on the edge of a dry creek bed in the vastness of Australia, I had images of a Divine Feminine presence that I came to know in Ireland (p.62). Something extremely celestial, that seemed to be linked to Christianity through monasteries being built on the site, but in essence it was the Divine Feminine, beyond all traditions.

As we stood there, feeling the landscape, I mentioned the images I was getting of Ireland to my friend and the Women smiled. Not looking at me, but feeling me in that Aboriginal way, and with that smile came a kind of dawning, a realisation that I had travelled all around the world to find what was right here. That these Women were holding the same Divine Feminine. That these Women held something that I’d longed for, that these Women could teach me all kinds of mysteries that would allow me to experience ‘Life’ in the way it should be.

I always felt that Aboriginal traditions were from a different spiritual line than the western traditions, but there is a sense that these Women embody Divine Femininity, the source of all.

This was the beginning.

A journey was unfolding through listening to these Women, particularly the main one, who seems more aware of me, although at times the whole lot seem to be laughing at my antics. We are friends and more than friends, sisters. They are my teachers. The main one, is helping me remember things I have forgotten, teaching me new things and she constantly smiles, with a quiet wisdom.

An excerpt from Across of the Creek