Navigating the Overmind

Segment 2 – Introductory summary

If humanity is basically good, why are the systems we create destroying us and the Earth.

Section 2

​In this series of videos we are exploring corruption in politics, swarm behaviour and the internet, integrity in groups, navigating the Overmind, multidimensionality, and the role of the human heart.

In essence we are exploring the evolution of consciousness.

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About this series

Helen Russ Ph.D

Section 2 – An introductory Summary

Human beings are basically good, so why are the systems we’ve created destroying us and the earth?

To answer this question we need to tackle some fundamentals and some sacred cows.

We are experiencing corruption in our mass behaviours, in social media, in corporate and government systems, because we are multi-dimensional beings that have been exploring the depths of materialist separative consciousness. Perhaps it is that in the grand cosmic cycles we are at the end of the Age of Kali in the Hindu tradition, or in the Time of Fire from the Garumwangu cycle of first Nations Australians. What is clear is that humanity is at a unique point in the evolution of consciousness.

Collectively we’ve been ignoring what is beyond the physical dimension. We limit our focus to that which we can experience with the five senses, the 3rd dimension. We focus our endeavours on material reality. Collectively we behave as if the whole creation works within the laws of Newtonian physics.

And when we do that, the Overmind, our collective psyche, what Jung called the collective unconscious, operates in the background and usually in lower mode. So we need to understand about the Overmind, groups, consciousness and becoming multidimensional.

We could argue that there are two main streams that currently dominate the collective psyche. Materialism or separative consciousness and Spiritualism or Unity Consciousness. For the last few thousand years we’ve been exploring the mechanistic separative nature of materialism within the confines of time. For materialism to dominate requires that we limit our awareness to the 3rd and 4th dimensions only. Materialistic thought believes that ultimately technology will overcome our environmental, health and resource issues and that artificial intelligence is the solution to death.

Alternatively, Unity Consciousness believes that we are all one life, that there is life beyond the physical and that we are in some way immortal. Plato suggested that we are a multitude of emanations emerging from the one immutable source. For a horse to exist, somewhere there is a perfect essence of horseness.

According to multiple models, we are beings, that can interact with all Nine dimensions of consciousness through the felt sense. At each level we take in and excrete the fabric of that level, in a similar way that we take in and excrete food, water and air in the physical. If we are connected to our multidimensional nature, all kinds of solutions emerge that are completely out of reach in physical reality. Furthermore, upstream controls downstream. When we are aware of the unity consciousness of the 5th dimension we can shape what happens in the separative consciousness of the 4th. Unity consciousness suggests that when our multidimensional selves are online, that rather than needing technology to survive, that we are the technology.

Our physical bodies are in the 3rd dimension. Here we experience life with the five senses. Our mental and emotional bodies operate in the 4th dimension, within what Plato called intelligible realms. At this dimension we exchange thoughts and emotions with the surrounding space of consciousness. We think. In the 4th dimension, time and space are fluid, like in a dream. Consciousness is separative, in that everything emerges as a polarity, dark, light, good bad. And it is self referential in that it believes its own rhetoric. There is no moral compass. Impulses with similar vibrations flow together like a water droplets in a stream. The benefit of this level is that allows you are I to be separate, to talk to one another. it is the level where we create structures, processes and systems that allows us to do more, to be more.

When a group of people gather in the 3rd dimension for a particular purpose, in the 4th dimension our individual psyche’s coalesce and a group spirit, a corporate Being or lexion is also present. Between us and this Being is a self referential feedback loop. Our desires, fears, woundings and beliefs shape the consciousness of the group and over time define what is possible for the group members. Ignore the lexion, and it will operate in the background and usually in lower mode. Communicate with it, treat it with respect and it will be like a friendly breeze supporting and bolstering initiatives.

We expect that the organisations, groups companies and governments we create, will have our best interests at heart. They do not. The creation is yin, receptive, imprintable. Every dimension is shaped by Will. The 4th dimension is imprinted by acts of will, desires, mental and emotional energy. A lexion is a cumulation of whatever we have imprinted. Good bad and ugly. All beings want to achieve their greatest potential. In the 4th dimension success means the maximisation of fractalisations of the programming that we have imprinted. The 4th dimension has no need for morality, It lives or dies on our mental and emotional energy. Rudolf Steiner said that “When humans have no anxiety and fear, then these creatures (the Overmind) starve.”

In 4th dimensional consciousness there is no central organising principle of the human heart, so ideas with similar vibrations flow together and get caught in the bigger currents within the Overmind. Multiply this a few thousand times and the combined lexions become a stream within the Overmind, the global collective psyche. Think of the change in airport security after 911. Separated and defined within the constructs of the mind, these streams are the mass forces driving the agendas behind politicians, corporations, mass media, and behind each of us

We are a unique category of Beings. We have a heart, higher Ego, that allows us to be in connection with all levels of reality while here on Earth. When we are aware of our multidimensional nature, we have talents and abilities not available to our 3d or 4d selves. We see our actions within the continuum of time, we see our 4th dimensional mind in context. When we are in our multidimensional nature, we recognise the place of the 4th dimension in the cosmic symphony, and what we do within the 4th dimension comes under the mastership of the human heart. More importantly, in our multidimensional nature, we are able to direct the narrative from upstream, from our 5th dimensional unity consciousness for example

But we have abdicated our role.

In the past we recognised our multidimensional nature, and lived in communication with all 9 dimensions, but we’ve largely forgotten. We’ve accepted a kind of amnesia. Throughout history there are a large number of people who have attempted to reawaken us. Perhaps now is the time.

Why have we abdicated?

That is a big story, but in essence my understanding is that in the grand cosmic cycles it was time to explore separative consciousness, materialism. Perhaps we wanted to see if we could land spirit into matter….It is also appears were a little naive. Instead of recognising our unique place, our role and our worth we hero worshipped some who had different skills. Knowing the universal laws, some of these ones helped us, and some became arrogant and slanted the narrative a little to benefit them. We listened to them as Gods, we surrendered our alignment with our own divine nature and became subservient, puppets. Locked in a construct of the mind. Remember, that evil is truth with just a little erring, a little twist.

To demonstrate, Sigmund Freud had a nephew, Edward Bernays, who became the father of propaganda. He said, we use marketing to create desires and then provide the product that will fulfil the desire. In 1929, it was illegal for women to smoke outside their home.Tobacco companies complained to Bernays that they were missing 50% of their market. Bernays employed a group of high society debutants in the New York Easter parade. On his signal they were to light up cigarettes and hold up placards, which read ‘Torches of Freedom’. From this moment smoking cigarettes was linked to rebellion and womens rights and the sale of cigarettes grew. Now anyone questioning women smoking was considered to be against womens rights. There was far more power suggesting it was cool to smoke. As a master within the Overmind, with a single well placed action Bernays, shifted the vibrations in the Overmind for the benefit of the tobacco industry. A hundred years later we have forgotten the incident but the collective mind still carries the influence.

This work is asking us awaken, to the forces behind the ‘Torches of Freedom’ incident. We can easily grasp the desire for financial gain in the tobacco industry. It is more difficult to recognise that our vanity, our desire to be up with the times, is what makes us easy targets, it is our base desires that makes us easy to influence. We can recognise that the tobacco industry is attempting to be a winner in the game of life, to make money, by ensuring as many people as possible purchase their products. What is more difficult and more alarming to acknowledge is that there appears to be forces benefiting from creating an unhealthy addicted population.

Collectively with the Western capitalist system we have created a constructed world, systems and process that enable us to be more, to do more. We benefit, with technology, industries, science and production, but we are also locked into the system. The system has taken over. The land and seas are owned, there is almost no-where free of its reach. To survive we need to engage and live by the rules. Unless we attempt to be a winner within the system, it is likely that we will end up a pawn, annihilated, homeless or destitute. We’ve been systematised and funnelled through process that are beneficial for 4th dimensional selves but detrimental for the other 8 dimensions. Perhaps it is that we are in the age of Kali, the age of destruction, when corruption is exposed.

To add to the madness, we pour poisons in food, drinking water and air. We enact genocide and plunder resources in the name of some ideology. We gradually cripple the small people with overpriced food and energy bills and yet we have plundered the worlds resources, polluted the rivers and oceans in the name of progress. Listening to politics is a little like listening to a comedy. Good intentions are taken off line.

What is viral is creating morality, reality, and our responses to it. Our collective mind is entranced by the fluctuations in social media, the media, financial markets to such an extent that a single well placed tweet can shift global events. Collectively we have lost the ability to direct our world through morality, rationalism, logic and or heart based solutions. Some suggest that our current crisis will escalate until morality improves as if morality is what can ‘save us’. Morality emerges from the land where it is generated. Morality generated through what is going viral in the internet, is about survival in the Overmind, in the constructed reality within social media. It is not morality but awakening to our multidimensional nature that can change our collective direction.

Collectively we’ve become locked within the limits of the ordinary mind, the 4th dimension, but we do not understand the nature of the mind. The ordinary mind cannot fathom infinity, or paradox. It is logical, rational and limited. Consciousness in the 4th dimension is self referential in that it moves to reinforce its own beliefs, it is separative, in that it is where the emanation pathway divides everything into polarities of dark/light, good/.bad, materialism/spiritualism. It has no moral compass, its desire is to maximise fractals of the programming within it, Between us and the Overmind is a feedback loop, if we imprint violence (in our movies) we will model what has been imprinted. The streams within the Overmind grow or decline depending on where we place our attention. Our fear and anxiety generates the Overmind, which in turns controls and shapes what is possible for us.

Allowed to run without impunity, the forces we’ve shaped in the Overmind will continue to make fractalisations of themselves ad infinitum. At this level we have no respect for life, we do not see it except as a resource. Without the central organising principle of the heart, we forget we are part of the One life. The separative self referential nature has us believing in our own invincibility. Think of Artificial Intelligence. Left without the heart, our collective forces of the Overmind will use up all resources, annihilate the population and eventually with nothing to feed the beast we will implode.

We’ve learnt to systematise, to create processes and structures. We’ve built international systems in, transport, communication, trade, finance, education and medicine. We have become individualised, we’ve learnt all about the principle of separation.

A wise person once said, you cannot solve the problem from the level of the problem. We cannot solve our current conundrum from within the confines of 4th dimensional thinking.

Whether we are conscious of them or not each of us have subtle bodies in all 9 dimensions. Without awareness we are a recipient or victim of each dimension, with awareness we are a master or player. We have abdicated our role in all dimensions except the 3rd or physical dimension and 4th dimension where we are mostly, beneficiaries, victims or unconscious recipients.

This material has emerged from practice and study in consciousness. For thousands of years masters have taught us as individuals, how to retain alignment with the I Am. For our current conundrum we also need to understand how to retain integrity within the We Are.

Its time to stop persecuting the ones who bring knowledge that is drawing from realities beyond the 4th dimension. Its time to stop vilifying, the spiritual, the First nations people, astrologers, meditators, the scientists exploring the unified field, and become one of them.

Its time to aspire, to open, to communicate with other life forms. Its time to reconnect with the wonder and mystery of life and to reawaken to our multidimensional interconnecting role.

To reclaim our birth right, we need to recognise what is occurring and take responsibility for that which we create.

The next step is to flesh out some of these ideas by giving us a context. So in the next video we will look at cosmology, how spiritual and physical worlds work together.

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback.